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Full Version: Help/FAQ for the Forum & Shoutbox
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Welcome to our little community!
Please read the following points to understand how to handle the chat and the forum or if you run into any problems.
If the answer is not listed here, please post your question, Pm us or ask in chat.


Q: I can't post or start a new thread!

Q: After registration, I never got any authentication mail?!

Beginner/newbie section

After reading this help section, browsing through the wiki and the forum, you might still have a lot of question.
You might find some answers/help in this beginner thread.
If not, just ask ahead there, in chat or open a specific thread.

Forum, chat & wiki usage

Q: How can I easily address/mention users or threads?

Q: Where can I enter my IGN and/or Shop Code?

Q: How can I change the forum theme?

Q: How can I change the thread layout?

Q: What are those 'alerts'?

Q: What's up with that Wiki?

Q: What functions and commands are supported in the Shoutbox

Q: How can I link to my deck easily?

Q: What the hell is that 5fde8ca code in the above answer?

Q: Where can I look up cards infos?

Q: Where can I look up card prices?

Q: Where do I go to trade cards, [gift] gems and [gift] boosters?

PC and emulator questions:

Q: Is there a PC client?

Q: How do I play on emulators?

Q: How do I trade with emulators?