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Mabinogi Duel Forum Shoutbox Archive
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[Today 11:19 PM] Saosin0 : i got mino -1 dunno if i will use it anywhere though
[Today 11:13 PM] ♖shinstr : wow mino +1 dropped hardcore
*Yake has posted in [WTT or B] Mana Cat +1*
[Today 11:11 PM] sicut : still grinding
[Today 11:07 PM] yesbita : anyone still here?
[Today 11:02 PM] Saosin0 : i dont blame people though
[Today 11:01 PM] Saosin0 : Alraune is just an capture bait everyone wants her xD
*Yllora has posted a new thread: [WTT or B] Mana Cat +1*
[Today 10:59 PM] Yake : twice? as far as i remember zombie +1 got buffed once and nerved once
[Today 10:58 PM] Yake : i don't have one either lol
[Today 10:58 PM] ♙SoVi3t : http://m.nexon.com/forum/thread/17897-Pl...fing-Cards
[Today 10:58 PM] ♙SoVi3t : ok, so then they didnt think the original buff/nerf through then. Zombie +1 got nerfed twice, and there was no warning....
[Today 10:57 PM] sicut : Im not old...dont even have an AA Alraune +1 Sad
[Today 10:56 PM] Yake : they try to make it better which turns out to be op
[Today 10:56 PM] Yake : i mean old players like us know zombie+1 will get nerved quickly lol
[Today 10:55 PM] ♖shinstr : well to be fair the zombie nerf was totally obvious
[Today 10:55 PM] sicut : especially after they just buffed it out of nowhere
[Today 10:53 PM] ♙SoVi3t : or maybe even stop nerfing things to the point they can't be used
[Today 10:53 PM] ♙SoVi3t : just once,this fucking game needs to let people know when buffs/nerfs are coming, rather than just doing it out of nowhere
[Today 10:53 PM] ♙SoVi3t : so glad i didnt buy a zombie +1
[Today 10:52 PM] Yake : oh i forgot how to link the deck
[Today 10:50 PM] Yake : yeah it's aggo-ish since double betrayal works best at lv2
[Today 10:49 PM] ♖shinstr : nvm ill just go with appraisers and amanza
[Today 10:44 PM] ♖shinstr : the other 2 i regged are both very slow
[Today 10:44 PM] ♖shinstr : i usually don't play aggro but i need smth to go for fast games to plat now D:
[Today 10:44 PM] ♖shinstr : yake is your sarah deck aggro-ish?
[Today 10:40 PM] Yake : yeah it's a gg i wanna see if i am lucky that Sarah moved in front of my creatures
[Today 10:39 PM] Yake : no actually one regular and dark copy
[Today 10:35 PM] Winterpeg : still just playing not intended to go top10 lol
[Today 10:35 PM] Winterpeg : nothing here. i just sell dozens of cards and got my stamina 3**/1**
[Today 10:31 PM] ♖shinstr : mh guess i can still get pvp arena plat for some gems
[Today 10:28 PM] ♖shinstr : anyone selling gems?
[Today 10:26 PM] Winterpeg : dont know how many mutants he has but me i only got 2 max. always one or 2 only.
[Today 10:25 PM] Winterpeg : nah nevermind. its too long even to summarize haha
[Today 10:24 PM] Winterpeg : if i remembered correctly this what happened lol.
[Today 10:17 PM] ♖shinstr : lots of +1 mutants?
[Today 10:16 PM] ♖shinstr : how the fuck? ^^
[Today 10:16 PM] ♖shinstr : lvl 1 for 5 turns?
[Today 10:07 PM] Winterpeg : if i remembered correctly you have 2pcs gold betrayals? coz i saw the casting cost thought your behind by one resource the 2nd time you used it. ^^
[Today 10:03 PM] Winterpeg : gg yake. you almost got me this time ahaha. youve given me a headache me staying in lvl1 and you lvl2 for more than 5turns lol. so hard.
[Today 09:57 PM] yesbita : just for fun
[Today 09:57 PM] yesbita : check my cards ideas in this thread.
[Today 09:57 PM] yesbita : https://www.reddit.com/r/MabinogiDuel/co...ard_ideas/
[Today 09:55 PM] yesbita : yeah
[Today 09:55 PM] ♖shinstr : dark zombie +1 is not worth anything anymore after it's patched
[Today 09:54 PM] yesbita : ppl are selling a lot of dark zombie +1 in market now
[Today 09:53 PM] yesbita : P/c Gold wind blade Teo+1
[Today 09:49 PM] ♖shinstr : i know i shouldn't but i kinda wanna buy that db at max price :p
[Today 09:49 PM] ♖shinstr : mh
[Today 09:47 PM] Saosin0 : oh and correction joy of love is also in roulete but 1x
[Today 09:44 PM] Kyoh : dont have much time either for more games
[Today 09:44 PM] Kyoh : just getting gol din pvp most of the time
[Today 09:44 PM] Saosin0 : grinding rather
[Today 09:44 PM] ♖shinstr : not exactly "farming" but yes
[Today 09:43 PM] ♖shinstr : yeah
[Today 09:43 PM] Kyoh : but not through the roulette
[Today 09:43 PM] Kyoh : ah only as arena rewards
[Today 09:42 PM] Kyoh : ???
[Today 09:42 PM] ♖shinstr : you can get to plat / top10 to get some more etc
[Today 09:42 PM] ♖shinstr : in event arena yeah
[Today 09:42 PM] Saosin0 : yeah
[Today 09:42 PM] Kyoh : joy of love are farmable?
[Today 09:41 PM] ♖shinstr : not those, the joy of love ones
[Today 09:41 PM] Kyoh : yeah 30 tickets for 1 single card lol
[Today 09:40 PM] Saosin0 : getting good phone for playing mabinogi should be my prior since my Sony Xperia SP is too weak for that
[Today 09:40 PM] ♖shinstr : @Kyoh i do play pvp event arena atm but that's all
[Today 09:40 PM] ♖shinstr : those jo of love tickets are a joke to farm
[Today 09:40 PM] Kyoh : just cut it down to 1-2 arenass max
[Today 09:40 PM] Saosin0 : True working is pretty much killing all time xd
[Today 09:39 PM] ♖shinstr : since i dont play arenas getting enough gems for those event rewards is out of the question anyways
[Today 09:38 PM] Kyoh : damn just lost in vet to double arrow of revenge...
[Today 09:38 PM] ♖shinstr : honestly now that i work a lot more again it's really hard to keep up with farming all this content
[Today 09:35 PM] sicut : hey there
[Today 09:32 PM] ♖shinstr : sup
[Today 09:10 PM] Saosin0 : in a deck along with traps great
[Today 09:10 PM] sicut : haha...happens to the best of us
[Today 09:08 PM] Saosin0 : oh wow I almost loose to a CPU using Fenne damn these daily quests
[Today 09:02 PM] Saosin0 : yeah ^^
[Today 09:02 PM] sicut : bluestack is by far the slowest
[Today 09:01 PM] Saosin0 : there are no problems there? I also tested bluestacks before but it was quite laggy compared to Droid4x
[Today 09:00 PM] sicut : use memu or leapdroid then
[Today 08:59 PM] Saosin0 : I also am quite annoyed because campaign video cutscenes cant load on my emulating system Droid4X
[Today 08:58 PM] Saosin0 : alright
[Today 08:57 PM] sicut : but feel free to prove me wrong
[Today 08:56 PM] sicut : Jax is pretty much dead
[Today 08:56 PM] sicut : haha ok, i c...but just click on the feedback link to get a hint Tongue
[Today 08:56 PM] Saosin0 : any fun idea for Dark Mage:Jax +1 ? Got him couple of days ago
[Today 08:55 PM] Saosin0 : kinda hard to guess whats the usual here after 2 years of not visiting but I guess I will figure that out soon xD
[Today 08:54 PM] sicut : the usual^^
[Today 08:54 PM] sicut : evening
[Today 08:51 PM] Saosin0 : hello everyone whats up?
[Today 08:10 PM] sicut : the Missile is horrible in the hand of the AI...it doesnt get it
[Today 08:09 PM] sicut : and the double bomber was for the AI mostly
[Today 08:09 PM] sicut : its good, ya
*sicut has posted a new thread: Arena Viewer (Top 10 decks) feedback thread*
[Today 08:06 PM] yesbita : any thought for new attack guide missle? I think it can replace one goblin bomb squad in double bombers decks
[Today 08:03 PM] yesbita : mass number zombie+1 cards are being sold in market.
*sicut has posted in Arena Top 10 decks (Links)*
[Today 07:48 PM] sicut : ok, Im uploading some new stuff...if the forum is down afterwards -> @Haides Tongue
[Today 07:43 PM] sicut : oh god...
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