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Mabinogi Duel Forum Shoutbox Archive
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[Today 11:04 PM] sicut : hey there
[Today 10:28 PM] Lanster27 : hey sicut
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[Today 09:15 PM] sicut : yeah...Id like some inflation pls
[Today 09:12 PM] ♖shinstr : too cheap to flip, doesnt seem worth it to sell anything either
[Today 09:08 PM] sicut : but ya, thx to the deflation, most stuff is too cheap to flip I guess
[Today 09:07 PM] sicut : lots of AA and BLZ around
[Today 09:06 PM] ♖shinstr : the shops though....looks like barren wasteland lately
[Today 09:06 PM] sicut : nope, still the same like on lab day 1
[Today 09:05 PM] sicut : Im checking if something changed in the lab
[Today 09:05 PM] sicut : yeah
[Today 09:05 PM] sicut : perfect attitude Smile
[Today 09:05 PM] ♖shinstr : it is a good thing that the card is getting patched though
[Today 09:04 PM] ♖shinstr : gotta deal with it :p
[Today 09:04 PM] ♖shinstr : i mean if it gets patched there will be another card out in a matter of weeks that is messed up
[Today 09:04 PM] sicut : oh ok
[Today 09:03 PM] ♖shinstr : it's fine, don't really care about the patch tbh
[Today 09:03 PM] sicut : 1 day too early though...Elurinn still up
[Today 09:02 PM] sicut : evening, sir
[Today 09:01 PM] ♖shinstr : sup
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[Today 08:31 PM] sicut : @♔Epoli: we will find a solution...u get well first
[Today 07:26 PM] ♔Epoli : Thanks a lot @♘Yllora Heart
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[Today 06:12 PM] ♘Yllora : You must push fluids w/a fever Heart
[Today 06:12 PM] ♘Yllora : @♔Epoli I am so sorry you are still feeling unwell. Get rest and hydrate.
[Today 05:46 PM] ♔Epoli : Can you please substitute me in the mutant thread for a couple of days? I don't feel so good, so I don't know if I'll be able to keep it updated in short terms Sad
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[Today 04:59 PM] sicut : hf fun with him
[Today 04:59 PM] sicut : your welcomeWink
[Today 04:58 PM] ♖DyingKestrel : Alright, thanks Smile
[Today 04:57 PM] sicut : ok, then its a good deal Wink
[Today 04:56 PM] ♖DyingKestrel : I mean Jax-1 is a good card
[Today 04:55 PM] sicut : so if u like Jax, its a good trade
[Today 04:53 PM] sicut : but the Frog and Hunt are far more playable
[Today 04:53 PM] sicut : I mean its ok if u dont have Jax yet
[Today 04:53 PM] ♖DyingKestrel : Its not!? damm :O
[Today 04:51 PM] sicut : @DyingKestrel no, its not
[Today 04:50 PM] sicut : thank you too Smile
[Today 04:44 PM] ♖Yake : @sicut thanks for buying =)
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[Today 04:26 PM] ♖DyingKestrel : Is this agood deal?? http://i.imgur.com/oGoo6XI.png
*♖DyingKestrel has posted in Arena Viewer (Top 10 decks) feedback thread*
[Today 04:05 PM] sicut : oh u can also click on the pairing u are in to submit the result
[Today 04:05 PM] sicut : nice!
[Today 04:04 PM] ♖DyingKestrel : ok, done.
[Today 04:04 PM] sicut : gratz Smile
[Today 04:02 PM] PegaMenis : Puhh back @3m+Gold feels Good Big Grin
[Today 04:02 PM] sicut : probably game wins
[Today 04:02 PM] sicut : dont ask what the number are though^^
[Today 04:01 PM] sicut : but for now just click on the link in the pm u got
[Today 04:01 PM] sicut : I swear there was an option "my tournaments" in usercp
[Today 04:01 PM] sicut : lol
[Today 04:01 PM] ♖DyingKestrel : I like the direct elimination rule Tongue
[Today 03:57 PM] sicut : and it will probably be best of three in the future
[Today 03:57 PM] sicut : lemme check^^
[Today 03:56 PM] sicut : hmm
[Today 03:55 PM] ♖DyingKestrel : ????
[Today 03:55 PM] PegaMenis : Oooooopssss Wrong Chat sry Guys
[Today 03:55 PM] PegaMenis : Scheiß drauf 40k behalt sie für den Orp lol ich halt MAL Augen offen für dich Wink
[Today 03:53 PM] ♖DyingKestrel : @sicut how do I submit the results?
[Today 03:53 PM] sicut : I expected some buffs too...thats why I played so slow
[Today 03:52 PM] sicut : nope, I was wtf the whole time and didnt really know what to do
*♖DyingKestrel has posted in His Best Offer*
[Today 03:44 PM] ♖DyingKestrel : Yeah, you don't see a bandwagon effect deck often...
[Today 03:43 PM] sicut : playing...one sec
[Today 03:43 PM] PegaMenis : Is Up
*♖DyingKestrel has posted in Reigen's shop setting*
[Today 03:40 PM] sicut : and now I feel bad Sad
[Today 03:38 PM] sicut : it was...interesting Tongue
[Today 03:38 PM] sicut : lol ok^^
[Today 03:38 PM] ♖DyingKestrel : hi Big Grin
[Today 03:38 PM] ♖DyingKestrel : I was using a random deck ¬¬
[Today 03:37 PM] sicut : wanna make up some fairer rules?
[Today 03:37 PM] sicut : hey @DyingKestrel are u on?
*esco has posted a new thread: Paying USDs for Gold & Cards: P:Elurin(WHITE+1), Beatrice of Salvation, ...*
[Today 02:28 PM] sicut : nice buy Smile
[Today 02:28 PM] sicut : hey @cataz
*esco has posted in Everything, via PayPal only*
[Today 02:09 PM] cataz : I haven't seen one in ages ( over 6 months)
[Today 02:09 PM] cataz : and my friend got it yesterday too!
[Today 02:09 PM] cataz : got a gold reflector yesterday~
[Today 02:08 PM] cataz : hi ya~
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*Rokitoru has posted a new thread: For what price should i sell ?*
[Today 01:36 PM] sicut : cya later Smile
[Today 01:36 PM] sicut : hehe...true indeed Wink
[Today 01:33 PM] ♔Epoli : got to go now, bb and hf ^^
[Today 01:28 PM] ♔Epoli : A singing punk skeleton and an old scholar that is looking at some photographs of dubious origin... how to not praise us?
[Today 01:27 PM] ♔Epoli : We always do
[Today 01:27 PM] ♔Epoli : Ofc
[Today 01:26 PM] sicut : like Angels on Earth...I know, right?
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