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*anoaeiku has posted a new thread: Gems*
*knightofeffect has posted in Price Check*
[Today 05:03 PM] stevebeyten : What's gold.jane+1 worth?
*♖Rsea has posted in Daily / Draft Mission - Daily Mutant Booster and WNBp Offerings*
[Today 04:46 PM] Lilithin_Merria : yellow
[Today 03:42 PM] YellowDragon : those xhristiss are so good. 2 cost at lv3. if u don't kil her immediately she will get out two Arthurs. need that card haha
[Today 03:40 PM] cataz : haha no, actually I haven't replace the hyenaking with shreder and christy +1 G
[Today 03:39 PM] YellowDragon : i thought it was the case but i still wanted to remove it cuz of ur ch
[Today 03:38 PM] YellowDragon : the gold hyena could be there for mind games! tricking enemy of it being priority target
[Today 03:37 PM] YellowDragon : can only imagine their face when it happens
[Today 03:36 PM] YellowDragon : i love all the tbt cards. when ppl havent encountered them before they keep hunting void balls/air bombs and even capturing another air bomb on their side
[Today 03:35 PM] cataz : not without hyena to support him ;_;
[Today 03:35 PM] YellowDragon : mhm. the new hyena can still be pretty scary tho
[Today 03:35 PM] cataz : I love Bluesy Fluesy
[Today 03:34 PM] YellowDragon : always assumed that gold decks always have shredder. the only opportunity u could use it was prob when nata was there. but u ch it insted :p
[Today 03:34 PM] cataz : and it's an old deck lol , notice that gold hyenaking?
[Today 03:33 PM] YellowDragon : yea
[Today 03:33 PM] cataz : ;_; I can't drop the cocoon trap without having shredder ;_; anw very nice
[Today 03:32 PM] YellowDragon : everytime i kill ambush vine. i forget that the card is still active
[Today 03:31 PM] YellowDragon : ah
[Today 03:31 PM] cataz : I have cocoon ready but miss the shredder ;_;
[Today 03:30 PM] YellowDragon : haha unlucky!
[Today 03:30 PM] cataz : actually picked a wrong deck against you
[Today 03:29 PM] cataz : nice YEllow
[Today 03:07 PM] cataz : I was busy that time when SE neriva came out too!
[Today 03:07 PM] cataz : oh~ i ce Yellow
[Today 03:06 PM] cataz : I want more story about everis and neriva couple!
[Today 03:06 PM] YellowDragon : tried to get the se neriva when it was out, but i didnt get it Sad, also wasnt that active to get gems then too
[Today 03:06 PM] cataz : I actually saw a 800k everis +1..but it's not AA ...
[Today 03:06 PM] YellowDragon : my alt got a normal se everis, so im fine with that
[Today 03:05 PM] YellowDragon : nice
[Today 03:05 PM] cataz : only +1 nat left :/ to finish the collection
[Today 03:05 PM] cataz : already have 2 AA normal and +1 and -1 :3
[Today 03:05 PM] YellowDragon : haha
[Today 03:05 PM] cataz : bought a 800k nat everis AA and 300k nat everis AA -1
[Today 03:04 PM] cataz : actually I was crazy for him luls
[Today 03:04 PM] YellowDragon : meanwhile no one wants SE paper everis
[Today 03:04 PM] YellowDragon : +1 is like 3-5m
[Today 03:04 PM] cataz : ahhhhhhhhhh
[Today 03:04 PM] YellowDragon : neriva AA is like 500-900k from what i've seen
[Today 03:03 PM] YellowDragon : when something went wrong, like giving false information
[Today 03:03 PM] YellowDragon : just have a habit of saying 'rip
*YellowDragon has posted in Price Check*
[Today 03:02 PM] cataz : wonder how much neriva AA worth
[Today 03:01 PM] cataz : rip what Yellow?
[Today 03:01 PM] cataz : cya
[Today 03:00 PM] Lilithin_Merria : Byeeeeeeeeeeee
[Today 03:00 PM] cataz : which card Lilith?
[Today 03:00 PM] YellowDragon : rip
[Today 03:00 PM] YellowDragon : well hens
[Today 03:00 PM] cataz : ah okay ~
[Today 03:00 PM] Lilithin_Merria : You didn't want to sell her *rolls eyes*
[Today 03:00 PM] cataz : did I miss somthing about chickens here?
[Today 03:00 PM] YellowDragon : yea, in the art
[Today 03:00 PM] Lilithin_Merria : ahaha
[Today 03:00 PM] cataz : chickens of neriva?
[Today 02:59 PM] Lilithin_Merria : Yup , chicken ^^
[Today 02:59 PM] cataz : cya~ Lilith
[Today 02:59 PM] YellowDragon : chickens!
[Today 02:59 PM] cataz : rip what?
[Today 02:59 PM] YellowDragon : prob gonna get SE neriva after i collect my TBT cards
[Today 02:59 PM] Lilithin_Merria : I'm going to watch the vampire diaries guys whilst eating. Talk to you later
[Today 02:59 PM] YellowDragon : rip
[Today 02:58 PM] cataz : when i'm in hiatus
[Today 02:58 PM] cataz : maybe he released at the time when i
[Today 02:58 PM] cataz : I don't even know when did he released?
[Today 02:58 PM] cataz : ^^" hehe there is, just that he is rare
[Today 02:57 PM] YellowDragon : looking thru the card database, didnt know there was a SE Vesh
[Today 02:57 PM] YellowDragon : ah, rip worth nothing
[Today 02:56 PM] cataz : SE gold rush light is more expensive
[Today 02:56 PM] cataz : SE gold rush? try with 100k? maybe
[Today 02:56 PM] cataz : yeah*
[Today 02:56 PM] YellowDragon : how much would SE gold rush be, i havent seen those around at all
[Today 02:56 PM] cataz : year I have to admit, it's alittle bit akward to look at Fryee SE.....
[Today 02:55 PM] Lilithin_Merria : Whattttttttttt lollllllllllllll
[Today 02:54 PM] cataz : lmaooo
[Today 02:54 PM] YellowDragon : or at least the ones i've seen
[Today 02:54 PM] Lilithin_Merria : She's cute too, I only have the normal one. with 3 female vampires
[Today 02:54 PM] YellowDragon : most SE cards loook nice. All except fyree
[Today 02:54 PM] YellowDragon : i have to say
[Today 02:53 PM] YellowDragon : lol
[Today 02:53 PM] cataz : what about those mage mirie soecial edition?
[Today 02:52 PM] Lilithin_Merria : loll
[Today 02:52 PM] Lilithin_Merria : @cataz, I know right
[Today 02:52 PM] Lilithin_Merria : I have all the witches I wanted from Xenon Yornda to Lilithin Merria ^^, now I want Angels and Elves
[Today 02:51 PM] cataz : your waifu addiction will kill you lol
[Today 02:51 PM] Lilithin_Merria : ahaha
[Today 02:51 PM] cataz : I though Lily mean mage and with chesa is cutier lol~
[Today 02:50 PM] Lilithin_Merria : She's kawaiii deshou loll
[Today 02:50 PM] cataz : when you have more money, you can buy the cards you want, rite?
[Today 02:50 PM] Lilithin_Merria : @cataz, because, she's cute :3
[Today 02:50 PM] cataz : it's money-wiser
[Today 02:49 PM] cataz : save up for the collab as yellow dragon said
[Today 02:49 PM] cataz : pls don't
[Today 02:48 PM] cataz : why you want michella +1?
[Today 02:48 PM] Lilithin_Merria : I have 58 gems and thinking about getting a daily mission mutant card rotaion booster. *michaela +1* I just don't want to risk it
[Today 02:48 PM] cataz : I usually sell my normal cards cheap, but other rare cards have to be a little more expensive , I don't mind the 10 gems if they won't sell actually lol
[Today 02:47 PM] Lilithin_Merria : Ah okay, I see, thank you.
[Today 02:46 PM] cataz : they use it for riviving purpose , so the cheaper resources the better
[Today 02:46 PM] Lilithin_Merria : By the way, why people like the -1, low cost at different level?!
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