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Patch 2017/04/26: CGC pt. 2, card fixes (Chesha +1 too![?]), premiums changed, Master rewards boosted
Golden week 2017/04/26: 4 new SEs and the usual event stuff

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  Beautiful Sheer dark+1, Jurgen and the tomb of solitary man
Posted by: skygkar - Yesterday, 06:32 PM - Forum: Trading - Replies (2)

PM me your offer, by with $$ or gold.

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  [Rookie] Advice on Black/Green newbie deck
Posted by: Avenged - Yesterday, 04:42 AM - Forum: Deck, Arena and Strategy help - Replies (6)

Hello! Just started MD a week or so back. I've played TCGs for many years but I've never been good at them lol. Totally loving MD though, especially with its unique 12-card-deck format!

So I've been buying the regular Super Mutant boosters (good idea?) and playing the random draft arena to accumulate gems and cards. Spent the best part od the week banging my head on one bad deck after another (tried a Blue/Red Volcanic Dragon Barus and a Black/Green/Red Witch Baba to disastrous effects lol).

Yesterday, though, I finally seemed to have put together this working deck (for PvE):

Hidden Spider
Tomb Swarm
Jumbled Zombie
Arrow of Revenge
The Rain of Life
Tomb of the Solitary Man
Drag to Hell
Witch Lilithin Merria
Witch Zeina

(Sorry, wanted to try the deck linking thing but the FAQ page doesn't seem to be working)

Thus far what I do is to play Tomb of the Solitary Man if I start with 2 black mana. Then discard Spider on turn 2 to get Lilithin on turn 3. Then go for Zeina next. Tomb Swarm first if I start with 2 green mana instead. Capture/Drag/Hunt deals with pesky enemies that Lilithin/Zeina can't or are too slow to. Rain of Life heals while Arrow burns (while Lilithin recycles them). Jumbled is... Extra fodder I guess.

So far the deck has worked 100% against the Daily Mission AI (even survived killing my own Lilithin accidentally when I played while sleepy lol). I like how the deck plays so far, but is this strategy even viable in the long term?

I also don't exactly have much gold or good cards so I'm definitely limited and not able to put together any of the top common decks (Witch Xena, Aralune, etc.).

So I guess what I'm asking is:

1. What's the best/most cost-effective booster to buy at this point? (really want to build an Ifrit deck by the way!)

2. Is my deck idea worth pursuing? If so, any suggestions? I'm thinking of swapping Drag for Death Sentence and maybe getting a low damage mass-burn spell to clean up after Xeina.

3. Is there a way to share my library for forummers to see so they know what I have on hand?

4.How do I do that deck sharing thing lol.

Thanks guys! Brilliant game by the way. Tried a few mobile card games but this is easily the best!

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  Beatrice, Chesha mana AA, Shaely Jaemira mana AA...
Posted by: vedran2006 - 04-27-2017, 05:28 PM - Forum: Trading - Replies (1)

CFRYM shop...pm for offers [Image: 0Q0P1Bwl.png]

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Wink Vampire: Vera and Doom Machine: core
Posted by: meechauu - 04-27-2017, 04:22 AM - Forum: Trading - No Replies

Sell cheaply Vampire: Vera, Doom Machine core and more. My code CMPAJ. Smile

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