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  [WTT or B] Mana Cat +1
Posted by: Yllora - 23 minutes ago - Forum: Trading - Replies (2)

Shy  Shy LF Black Cat in Mana +1. Will buy with gold or trade for cards. Full binder. =)

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  Arena Viewer (Top 10 decks) feedback thread
Posted by: sicut - 3 hours ago - Forum: Forum feedback - No Replies

Alright, I just uploaded the new arena viewer (portal page, above the search function on the left).

Tech babble
I disliked the old one pretty much, because it had like 10 frames for each arena AND was an external page, it didnt integrate very well into the forum.
That's why I went the CSS/modal route now to have it as an overlay. Now we can view decks while discussing them in chat or in the forum without switching tabs/pages.

The current one is not the final stage, since Id like to have a just a slider on the right side to open and close it. But I was already working on the SQL based one and @Kyoh wanted me to upload at least something usable for now. Done! Big Grin 

This SQL based viewer will check every day if each arena actually has a new top 10 or if devcat changed the schedule once again. That was the problem with all bots (reddit) and our old one and the current as well - that they will simply not work then. But for the SQL viewer we need some more mySQL magic, on which @Haides  is hopefully working.

For now we are collecting feedback what doesnt work and what to make even better Smile

Btw, Im not yet sure, if I did all the schedules right. It should update 10 minutes after every reset. Lets see if it works.

The event arenas are not included for now, since Im still not sure how to put in every new event every time without too much hassle (they are all named differently and have new links every time).
But feel free to comment with ideas.

To Do

  • someone needs to make nice thumbnails for each arena to replace the text
  • Better open/close mechanism
  • check for and save every new arena in the  SQL db
  • get the decks, cards and players from the arenas and save them in the db (then the real fun will start with evaluating the course of each card, player and deck)
  • maybe add a possibility to open specific top 10s/decks via a link from chat/the forum for easier recommendations and stuff

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  User group changes
Posted by: sicut - 9 hours ago - Forum: Forum feedback - Replies (3)

Ok, i did some clean up with the user groups:

Registered users:

  • removed the possibility to delete own threads and posts
  • reason: especially the trading forum is full of deleted threads; some page long discussions were deleted just because the thread starter felt like it
Community Reps:
  • deleted
  • removed some users from there that even had 0 posts...its only reserved for users that really did much for the community here and/or were very active
Site something (already forgot the old name lol):
  • renamed back to Super Moderators, since thats actually what the group does - there are zero admin rights connected to that group
  • reinstated @Blanks as a Super Moderator like he was before - welcome back!
Moderators: me:
  • removed my mod status for every single board (@Haides did that Tongue)

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Information Patch Note on 2017/01/24: Zombie and other cards reworked, FODp announced
Posted by: Blanks - Today, 10:49 AM - Forum: Official News - Replies (5)

Quote: Patch Note on 1/24 

Greetings Duelists,
This is Mabinogi Duel Team.
Below are the details of the patch on 1/24.
Opening of the FODP Card Test Arena, in which you can try out FODP cards.
Also, 10 more card reworks to improve the balance in Mabinogi Duel.
Lastly, there are a few bug fixes to go with the update.
More information is provided below.
n  Patch Period: 1/24 (Tue) 18:00
n  FODP Card Test Arena
n  Period: 1/24 (Tue) 18:00 ~ 2/7 (Thu) 19:00
n  Contents: Test Arena in which you can experiment with the FODP cards.
l  Register your deck in the Card Test Arena and then press the “Change registered deck” button to use FODP cards.
l  FODP cards can be searched at our homepage
, using the TEST filter in the Card Search section.
l  Card Test Arena is only available to duelists of VIP level 5 and above.
n  Rewards:
[Image: 2340a5e48ff6432998a7e0c41221364c.png]
n  Card Rework (9 Cards)
n  Stats and/or special abilities of 9 cards will be modified.
(Modified texts are shown in colors)
[Image: f5f0795777274477a944ee5b45c7a5b4.png]
 [Image: 78225a3970cd4529a992e2296545ec8d.png]

n  New Season of the Master Class Duel
-       New season will start 2/3 (Fri), 19:00.
l  Starting from this season, the start/end time of the Master Class Duel will be from 
Fri, 19:00 ~ Sat, 19:00.
l  Rewards for the Master Class Duel in Feb. is shown as below.

[Image: 0a9fa0024eac42ff8595eb7e6d6da157.png]

-       # in the parenthesis next to the G4P Boosters represents the # of people you can give G4P mutant Boosters to as presents
-       Rewards for Master Class Duel may differ every month.
-       Crown Cards can be sold for below prices.
l  Gold Crown Card: 150,000 Gold
l  Silver Crown Card: 100,000 Gold
l  Bronze Crown Card: 70,000 Gold
l  Rusty Crown Card: 50,000 Gold
n  Improvement / Modification
-       Expressions (Speech Bubbles) of some cards will be added.
l  Expressions of [Vampire Hero:Vesh], [Vampire Hero:Yura], [Witch:Lilithin Merria], [Witch:Inferia], [Witch:Zeina], [Apprentice Witch:Chichi], [Apprentice Witch:Shushu] will be displayed when certain conditions are met.
-       The starting roulette rewards will be changed from [10% Discount / Any Booster] to [20% Discount / Any Booster].
-       Roulette reward of [Prerelease Booster Unlock Ticket] will be changed to [10% Discount / Any Booster] and [20% Discount / Any Booster].
n  Bug Fix
-       Titles on some tickets in the Event Arena Roulette are now displayed properly.
-       Fixed a bug in which creatures attacked by [Ratman] did not die even when their HP reached 0.
-       Fixed a bug in which the special ability of [Linker:Elvenkeer] did not activate after the heals from [Doom Machine:Ultra] and [Grand Elf:Elenoa].
-       The in-game message that is displayed when Tina heals using her hero special ability is now displayed properly.
-       Event Arena rules are now displayed properly.

Thank you,
Mabinogi Duel Team

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