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Latest Images
[Fan Art] Seeker Neriva AA ! also looking for AA everis + 1 nature! [NSFW] Slave Cat Owned Wizard Eva Collab! (I wish) His Best Offer Not Today, Satan. Still cant believe my luck - First Event Pack
  selling and getting rid of unused card
Posted by: amrazi - 05-13-2017, 11:08 AM - Forum: Trading - Replies (3)

im tryng to getting rid of unused card, so just browse it.
ah, please add me as your friend as well.
mine: CEAM

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  RARE Collab and SE Cards for USD/EUR (Paypal)
Posted by: Kyoh - 05-11-2017, 10:10 PM - Forum: Trading - No Replies

Trusted seller here: PM me with your offer or catch me on Discord.

Also don't hesitate to ask for any mutants or any cards, which aren't listed below, I probably have them as well.

[Image: 5IwMXpzl.png][Image: YaG0n2ul.png][Image: ELLTXxPl.png][Image: usezsSIl.png]

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  Gold @6$/1mill
Posted by: IkhsanNurazad - 05-11-2017, 04:38 PM - Forum: Trading - Replies (1)

Wts gold In Mabinogi Duel:

6$ per 1m (8,5m in stock)

Payment: Paypal

My paypal account are ikhsan_nurazad@yahoo.co.id.

How we do the trade?: you put your useless mutant for x Million, and then pm me the shop code and ill buy it
You can pm me for discussion^^

- Yes, you will need to send money first and im not scamming.
- If you want to do it fast you can send the money and then email me the shop code with what trash mutant i need to buy, ill buy the card instantly
- Tax will depend on your vip level

If you want to contact me you can go email me at ikhsannurazad9@gmail.com ill reply instantly

Much Obliged

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 [Event] [Event] 2017/05/10 2nd BlazBlue Collaboration Season Announcement
Posted by: sicut - 05-10-2017, 11:29 PM - Forum: Official News - Replies (9)

Quote:2nd BlazBlue Collaboration Season Announcement
Greetings, Duelists! This is the Mabinogi Duel Team.

As a result of your continued love and interest, the collaboration with BlazBlue has returned!

In commemoration of this collaboration, 5 new events will take place.

Now is your chance to get the 2nd BLZ Season Cards!

Please see the details below.

Thank you.

★ Event 1 ★ 
[2nd BlazBlue Collaboration Season Booster Sale Event]

 - 2nd BlazBlue Collaboration Season Booster Images

[Image: c70768eb-73ab-47d0-8689-9f1aee464b26.png][Image: b8639742-cdb5-4f7f-ad30-580981abe7ab.png][Image: b9ae5e69-b4e0-4e69-bae7-73e9cad75b72.png]

 - Details
   Purchase the BlazBlue Collaboration Season Booster to get the BLZ Season Cards!

 - Booster Details
Sales Period
5/10 (Wed) 20:00
~ 5/17 (Wed) 19:59
5/17 (Sun) 20:00
~ 5/24 (Fri) 19:59
5/24 (Fri) 20:00
~ 5/31 (Wed) 20:00

 - Notice
   * Each booster is comprised of 24 cards from the BLZ Season Cards and you can view all 24 cards by clicking the ‘Included Cards’ button.
   * Some of the included cards change when the sales period advances to the next one.

★ Event 2 ★
[2nd BlazBlue Hero Event]

 - BLAZBLUE Hero Images

[Image: dbd99a76-0185-4658-a2a2-5495d28fb45b.png]

[Image: bb9d1bc4-8a80-41ab-afb2-053456c56583.png]

[Image: 32ad8513-e816-4ce9-bee6-8e9a3c268343.png]
[Image: 4172bc5a-00fe-4f86-a75f-cd44f4c99811.png]
 - Details
   You can get the BlazBlue heroes by fulfilling the requirements.
 - Hero Details
Appearance Requirement
Acquire Requirement
[Nephrite of the End]
Set your most abundant resource to 0 when leveling up, and deals the amount reduced as damage to a random opponent creature.
Acquire 60 BLZ Season Cards
Win 6 times with a deck including BLZ Season Cards
[Sand Shine]
Charging at level 3 deals 3 damage to a random creature.
Dealing damage with this effect decreases the hero's HP by 1.
Acquire 90 BLZ Season Cards
Win 9 times with a deck including BLZ Season Cards
[Crest Art]
When a friendly creature directly attacks an opponent's creature, deals 3 extra damage.
If an opponent's creature directly attacks your hero, deals 1 extra damage.
Acquire 120 BLZ Season Cards
Win 12 times with a deck including BLZ Season Cards
[Gallia Sphyra:Outseal]
When leveling up, deals 1 damage ignoring Defense to a random opponent creature. 
Receives 4 damage when leveling up.
Acquire 150 BLZ Season Cards
Win 15 times with a deck including BLZ Season Cards

★ Event 3 ★ 
[2nd BlazBlue Event Arena]

- Details
   An arena with special rules will be opened during the event period.
   * 15 Stamina is required to play.

- Rules
  * It is a PVP Arena for Duelists to compete with each other.
  * Certain cards may not be used in the Arena.
    → 1st: G1 Season cards forbidden
    → 2nd: G2 Season cards forbidden
   → 3rd: G1, G2 Season cards forbidden
  * Other rules are the same as PVP Arena.

- Period
  *1st: 5/13 (Sat) 20:00 ~ 5/15 (Mon) 20:00
*2nd: 5/22 (Mon) 20:00 ~ 5/24 (Wed) 20:00
*3rd: 5/27 (Sat) 20:00 ~ 5/29 (Mon) 20:00

- Rewards
120 Gems,
5 Special Tickets,
3 Mutant Super Boosters,
2 EXT Card Single Boosters
TOP 10
84 Gems,
4 Special Tickets,
2 Mutant Super Boosters,
1 EXT Card Single Booster
60 Gems,
3 Special Tickets,
1 Mutant Super Booster
36 Gems,
2 Special Tickets
24 Gems,
1 Special Ticket
12 Gems

★ Event 4 ★ 
[2nd BlazBlue Challenge Event]

- Period: After the patch on 5/10 (Wed) ~ 5/30 (Tue) 07:59
- Details: You may claim your reward by completing
Challenge A (Stages) and Challenge B (Basic) during the event period.
- Notice:
 * You can obtain the Special Edition Hero Skin rewards even if you do not have the hero card.
  * You can participate in each challenge only once.
  * In the Stage Challenge A,
   you need to complete the 1st stage in order to advance to the 2nd stage.
  * The requirements for Arena rank completion are factored in
when receiving the rewards after the Arena has closed.

- Details for Each Challenge
  *Challenge A (Stages)
Win 5 times with a deck excluding Light Resource cards
2 Gems
Win 5 times with a deck excluding Gold Resource cards
50 Stamina Refill Ticket
Win 5 times with a deck excluding Mana Resource cards
4 Gems
Win 5 times with a deck excluding Nature Resource cards
100 Stamina Refill Ticket
Win 5 times with a deck excluding Dark Resource cards
8 Gems
Win 12 times in the Arena
2 Special Tickets
Win 10 times in the Draft Arena or Limited Arena
3 Special Tickets
Achieve a Gold or higher ranking in the Arena 4 times.
15 Gems
Win 10 times in the Event Arena
4 Special Tickets
Win 20 times with a deck including a BLZ Season card
20 Gems

* Challenge B (Basic)
Buy a Collaboration Booster 3 times with Gems
3 Special Tickets
Buy a Collaboration Booster 10 times with Gems
10 Special Tickets
Buy a Collaboration Booster 20 times with Gems
Tiny Hippo
Buy a Collaboration Booster 30 times with Gems
White Nao Special Edition
Buy a Collaboration Booster 40 times with Gems
The Green Book of Destruction
Buy a Collaboration Booster 50 times with Gems
Seeker:Everis Special Edition *

★ Event 5 ★
[2nd BlazBlue Mutant Festival Event]

- Period: 5/10 (Wed) 20:00 ~ 5/31 (Wed) 20:00
- Details: The chances of acquiring the following mutant cards
in the Mutant Super Booster increase by 10 times.
         * The chances of other Mutant Cards and P Cards also increase by 3 times.

[Image: 8a6be7f4-c6eb-4446-baa4-4c67c1009894.png][Image: 2b290b90-4df5-49ca-9f2b-3754fb97b3c7.png][Image: 4ed008c5-a76f-4801-872d-7324b98d9bd2.png]
                [Image: 085e3b88-e523-4ef7-bde0-69a44931a34b.png][Image: 336eb0d1-f0bc-4aae-a128-0368a0d4f0d1.png]

* There seems to be an error in the note: The game describes the challenge reward as Seeker:Everis (Nature) and not the special edition.

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