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Latest Images
AA Succubus Not Today, Satan. Still cant believe my luck - First Event Pack MD alternate skin Scamcat tales Jurgen reaction to: Holy spear Scamcat true form
Posted by: ♖DyingKestrel - 03-21-2017, 11:48 PM - Forum: Forum feedback - Replies (16)

Hi guys, here are some avatars I made for  accounts without avatar, I remember that in other forums when creating an account you could choose the avatar from a list of preloaded images, in my opinion it was a comfortable function, but everything depends on you guys, what do you think? Maybe we could use these? Or is it something unnecessary?

[Image: P5fm5dU.png]    [Image: R244UGa.png]    [Image: pV4jHs4.png]    [Image: t8OpxCn.png]    [Image: DPDMJ4n.png]    [Image: 9DrnAno.png]    [Image: eI8luRZ.png] 

[Image: KsaUu41.png]    [Image: wYshxS1.png]    [Image: Uxgd0x5.png]    [Image: xwhpbVY.png]    [Image: 5sGy7pV.png]    [Image: ZKgpGTV.png]   [Image: wpWMe6w.png]  

[Image: CslXieV.png]    [Image: hxYjJt1.png]    [Image: 5XE2Pii.png]    [Image: gkvZTv1.png]    [Image: gh052QR.png]    [Image: ynEcq4s.png]

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  AA/SE cards for $ or gold
Posted by: vedran2006 - 03-19-2017, 05:29 PM - Forum: Trading - No Replies

[/url][url=http://i.imgur.com/y9bwwrh.jpg][Image: y9bwwrhl.jpg]
[Image: qpQ8HVvl.jpg]
[Image: VOr7H4dl.jpg]
[Image: bMiNR0jl.jpg]
[Image: XPCVFOol.jpg]
[Image: LFkxqJ6l.jpg]
[Image: V4psQUBl.jpg]

added TBT_SIH_BLZ cards
edited available SE
PM for offers

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  MD Memes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Posted by: ♖DyingKestrel - 03-18-2017, 05:58 PM - Forum: General - Replies (9)

Edit: "Added Lady sherr dating simulator game for nintendo switch"
Edit2: "Added MDF Magazine promo"
Edit3: "Added Scamcat Tales Series"

Hi guys , here are some memes I made, I want to say before anything that this is just for fun and that's it. I put all in one thread to evade fill the forum with spam. Fell free to post your memes and stuff on the coments!

See the Gallery

Latest Addition:

Scamcat Tales: (Original idea by @♘Yllora)

[Image: HuPQZp3.png]

***Disclaimer: all characters and art related to a brand or subject to copyright are the property of their respective owners. All images here are shown for the purpose of entertaining and sharing and are not subject to any monetary interest without the original owner's consent.****

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  Why are you coming here, what are you looking for, what would you like to see?
Posted by: sicut - 03-18-2017, 03:51 AM - Forum: Forum feedback - Replies (6)


after some extensive background updates and more bling bling to make everything a little bit cuter, we would like to know, what content you are looking for.

As for me, I was looking for an active community that could help me with the basics in the beginning, but could also provide profound deeper inside knowledge.
Especially the last fact was missing from other communities imho.

But why am I asking all that?
Its pretty obvious, that we can't compete with giants like reddit or Facebook. And that shouldnt be the goal in the first place. So we need to find a purpose/niche that would fit nicely for a forum.
For example:

  • Line is doing the chat thing better
  • Facebook is doing the social thing better
  • reddit is doing the "I have a quick question better"
But all those mentioned dont or even cant offer a reliable and nice system to navigate gaming help resources.
Another important aspect is that the MD target audience is mostly consisting of very casual players who usually dont like to even post. That most of the users are on mobiles, doesnt make it any easier.

What are our shortcomings imho:

What I would like to see:

So what are your thoughts, ideas and wishes?
  • Why did you come here in the first place?
  • What were you looking for?
  • Did you find all the answers?
  • What was good, what was bad?
  • What would you like to see in the future?

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