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Patch 2017/04/26: CGC pt. 2, card fixes (Chesha +1 too![?]), premiums changed, Master rewards boosted
Golden week 2017/04/26: 4 new SEs and the usual event stuff

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[Fan Art] Seeker Neriva AA ! also looking for AA everis + 1 nature! [NSFW] Slave Cat Owned Wizard Eva Collab! (I wish) His Best Offer Not Today, Satan. Still cant believe my luck - First Event Pack
  All Cards
Posted by: Randy Sahale Hall - 04-18-2017, 01:35 AM - Forum: Trading - Replies (1)

These are the few mutants I have. I have a lot from G1 for low prices just ask me if I have a certain card.



Also I will trade

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  Tournament brainstorm thread
Posted by: sicut - 04-16-2017, 10:28 PM - Forum: General - Replies (12)

Ok, since we already had some test runs in the background and Line and Arc ran their tournaments successfully, we might as well start discussing specifics as well.

It would be great if we can get that a multi community thing and also make it at least somewhat regular.

So how it its supposed to go:

  • we brainstorm the rules
  • we brainstorm how it will take place (what media will be used, how many ppl, ban list, format/deck regulations)
  • set a time
  • announce the prizes (that might already be done already)
  • go live
As you can see, I'd like to keep that as open as possible to get as much input as possible. If it gets too long/drawn out, we just go with some ideas first and some ideas later.

If you ever participated in the above mentioned tournaments, a Magic the Gathering, YugiOh or Hearthstone tournament, you should already have an opinion what you like and what you don't like.

@♖shinstr already had some great ideas. We'll post that in a second. -> see second post

Ill update this post with the stuff we came up/agreed on.

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  Repairing cards vs. sealing them
Posted by: ♖shinstr - 04-16-2017, 07:04 PM - Forum: General - Replies (2)

For those of you who aren't sure whether to repair their cards afterwards using special tickets or sealing them with gems, i did the (not very difficult) math, as i am not sure all people have noticed that there are some differences in value there.

If you have the option to do either, seal a card you bought or repair it afterwards, generally speaking here's what you should be doing:

- Seal mutant and collaboration cards of 0 or 1 star rarity.
- Seal any regular card from 0 to 4 stars rarity.
- Do whichever you prefer for all other cards

Here's why:

The sealing cost of a 5 star card or 4 star collaboration / mutant card is 80 gems, repairing it costs 16 tickets. 
80 / 16 = 5, which is the approximate gem value of 1 speacial ticket.
If we value a special ticket at 5 gems we get the following sealing cost in gems vs special tickets (converted to gem values):

Regular cards from 0 to 5 star rarity:

2   gems vs 5   gems
4   gems vs 10 gems
8   gems vs 15 gems
16 gems vs 20 gems
32 gems vs 40 gems
80 gems vs 80 gems

Mutant/Collaboration cards from 0 to 4 rarity:

5   gems vs 10 gems
10 gems vs 15 gems
20 gems vs 20 gems
40 gems vs 40 gems
80 gems vs 80 gems

Obviously some people have more gems than tickets and some don't care about their tickets as much as their gems. This is just about the optimal value assuming you're not loaded with either.

Edit: Sorry, the whole info on sealing costs the post was based on was out of the wiki and outdated. Apparently it's all the same now.

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  Event/Challenge Freebie Giveaway Analysis and Predictions
Posted by: cataz - 04-16-2017, 03:34 PM - Forum: General - Replies (3)

Dear Mabinogi Duel Players,
Today I have somehow realized about how those giveaway events <MAY> work.
But first....Sorry about my English....
It is obvious that the three events lately was oriented toward single element/camp.
Here is the list of the obtainable cards ranging from easy to harder misions :

----1rst event <3/15: SE Xena, Dorian> LIGHT CAMP
a.Magic healer
b.Kobolt Ranger : Yellow!
c.Angelic Machine
d.White Book of Destruction
e.Holy Knight Captain Lufensia (4stars)

----2nd event < 3/29:SE Chesha + Merna> GOLD CAMP
a.Merchant of Darkness SE
b.Assassin:Shasra SE (GOLD)
c.Mine Canary
d.Persona:Nana (4stars)
e.Scholar:Bocaccio  (SIH)

----3rd event < 04/12 Spring Event: SE Banoba & Queen:Shasha > NATURE CAMP
a.(Nature) Mermaid:Sise SE
b.Kobold Rangers:Green!
c.Dragon’s Guardian Special Edition
e.ScholarTongueetrarca  (SIH)

We can see that the 1rst event is mainly about purchasing the specific amount gems to acquire the card while 2nd and 3rd required us to purchase booster instead , so I assume further giveaway will follow this direction.
> 3 pack > 10 pack > 20 pack > 30 pack > 40 pack(hero skin) > 50 pack(SIH/4 stars)>
the reward is mainly EXT cards and SE cards that we used to buy VIA PACKS IN THE PAST EVENTS


I'm 90% sure we will get Mana and dark camp oriented card  in the next 2 closest events


50 packs reward:  
since there is no SIH for mana, I think they will give out Fenne Dragon clan instead

other packs:
there are some possible cards that will be given away ranging from highest to lowest possibility :

1.Kobolt ranger : Blue!
2.Fury - Aegis illustion - Jhareka's Illusion -blue book

-----SE: (only cards that obtainable via purchasing packs, not as arena rewards and past giveaway events like gold rush SE,inn SE,Mud hero drass SE, Wanderes Emil .....)
1.servants of fire/water
2.Mage mirrie SE
3.Vampire hero Vesh -Black Knight - Lilith Merria- Sucubus - Magician Masked Field - vampire hero Yura-shushu/chichi

50 packs reward: SIH: Scholar DANTE
other rewards:
1.Kobolt ranger : PINK!
2.Were wolf - Cobalt Poisoning - Iron Maiden - Black book of destruction

1.servants of fire/water (dark)
2.Mage mirrie SE
3.Angel Nevia-Mage Jax-Angel Partel-Nao

Tell me about your Predictions?
Which cards have high possibility to be given out?
feel free to point out my mistakes Smile

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