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Devcat did the unbelievable and revamped the whole game by dropping most of the tedious arenas and adding a weekly/monthly ladder system.
But pls check the update notes yourself:
Intro from devs,
Patch Notes, Rewards update,
New Summer Event

Top 10 Arena Decks

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Good booster ^^ [Fan Art] Seeker Neriva AA ! also looking for AA everis + 1 nature! [NSFW] Slave Cat Owned Wizard Eva Collab! (I wish) His Best Offer Not Today, Satan.
 [Event] 2017 Summer Event Announcement: SE Ceris & Blue Knight + SE Lufensia & Fenne
Posted by: sicut - 05-31-2017, 07:29 AM - Forum: Official News - Replies (2)

Quote:2017 Summer Event Announcement
Greetings, Duelists. This is the Mabinogi Duel Team.

Are you excited for another hot summer?
We’ve prepared a special event for all our Duelists in celebration of the upcoming summer season!

You will also have a chance to get a special swimsuit edition of Lufensia and Fenne!
Check out below for more details about the event.

Thank you.

★ Event 1 ★ 
[2017 Summer Special Booster Sales Event]

 - Period: After the patch on 5/31 (Wed) ~ Before the patch on 6/14 (Wed)
 - Details
You can get the special edition cards below by purchasing the 2017 Summer Event Special Edition Booster.

 - Card Details

[Image: 15669338-97de-4a5a-8327-46c07bda55fe.png][Image: a6b00e64-5cec-4093-bd6a-b3459941dd41.png][Image: 6fe7e0fe-4606-45d9-828a-4d000ff1254f.png][Image: ca3bdf1f-638f-4f19-821b-36a811e1a4c9.png][Image: 7a256048-bea3-4043-93c5-9dcc85a88635.png]

★ Event 2 ★ 
[2017 Summer Event Challenge]

- Period: After the patch on 5/31 (Wed) ~ 6/30 (Fri) 07:59
- Details: Complete the challenges during the event period to earn rewards.
- Notice
  * You can participate in each challenge only once.

-  Details for each challenge
Play in the Master Class Duel 60 times
Lufensia Swimsuit Special Edition
Play in the Arena 90 times
Fenne Swimsuit Special Edition

- Lufensia Swimsuit Special Edition Skin

[Image: cf3d2fde-7e82-4872-8292-1e2a2ee010e5.png]

 - Fenne Swimsuit Special Edition Skin

[Image: d2bc663a-a2e9-4719-a169-785388f92c41.png]

★ Event 3 ★
[2017 Summer Event Mail Reward Event]

 - Details:  Log in during the event period to earn rewards through your mailbox.

[Image: zwFjzfOl.jpg]

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 [Info] Revised Reward Table After 5/31 Update
Posted by: sicut - 05-31-2017, 07:19 AM - Forum: Official News - No Replies

Greetings, Duelists. This is the Mabinogi Duel Team.
This is the revised reward table for the update on May 31st.
Please see below for details.
Thank you.

[Image: 7jJ6T0Vl.jpg]

[Image: Ax0dZmHl.jpg]

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 [Patch] 5/31: HUGE (read biggest ever) update: Arenas mostly gone -> Ladder system
Posted by: sicut - 05-31-2017, 07:06 AM - Forum: Official News - Replies (20)

Quote:Patch Note on 5/31
Greetings, Duelists. This is the Mabinogi Duel Team.

A restructuring of part of the game system will take place after the patch on May 31st.

The Arena, Master Class Duel, Booster, Challenges, and Roulette Rewards have been changed.
Also, a tutorial is now available once per account.

The names of some menus have been changed and unused or unnecessary menus have been deleted.

Some contents have also been deleted.
Please see below for more details.

Thank you.

■ Maintenance Period: 5/31 (Wed) 19:00 ~ 22:00 (3 hrs)

Reformed System
  • Restructuring and naming of specific menus
  • Arena
  • Master Class Duel
  • Booster
  • Challenges
  • Tutorial
  • Shop
  • Others (Roulette, Log-in rewards, etc.)

■ Menu Reform
- The names of the following menus have been changed.
 * Quest → Adventure
 * Tutorial → Video Introduction
 * Champion Ranking → Hall of Fame

- Names of menus have been changed in the [Video Introduction].
* Tutorial of creating a deck → Introduction of creating a deck
* Shop tutorial → Shop introduction
- [Arena tutorial] and [Soul link tutorial] are excluded in the [Video Introduction].
- The text on top of each menu page has been changed.
- [Cat Merchant Shop] button has been added to the home menu.

■ Arena Reform
- The Arena has been reformed to Normal Duel/Daily Draft Arena/Weekly Limited Arena/Monthly Ranked Duel.

[Image: AC1xDPDl.jpg]

■ Monthly Ranked Duel - Ranks and Rules
- The Ranks will be changed as follows.

[Image: eiQeDhul.jpg]

- You can promote to the next rank by achieving the required victories and the number of victories will not change regardless of how many times you have lost.
- Your Rank will be shown from Rank 2 to 20.
- Your rankings will be shown in Rank 1 and the TOP 10 and Champion will be chosen within.
- The entry fee has been deleted and you will not earn gold by winning.
- Gold is required for every card you change from Rank 1 to 10.
- Changing cards is free from Rank 11 to 20.
■ Booster Reform
- Booster purchase rewards have been changed.
- If you buy a booster pack, you will get 4 normal cards and 1 card with at least two stars or more.
- You can view the chances by clicking the see included cards button.
- When you buy a booster pack, there is an 8% chance of getting a Special Edition card as a bonus.
When you buy a booster pack, there is an 8% chance of getting a mutant card as a bonus.
 No more than 1 bonus card is given at once.

 You can check the cards you can receive as a bonus and the chances.
- The 6 booster types will no longer be sold.
* Mutant Super Booster, Pre-release Card Lock Booster, Latest Season Plus Card Lock Booster, Today’s Mission Mutant Card Rotation Booster, Draft Mission Plus Card Rotation Booster, Regular Season 5 Star Card Booster
- Basic Booster, Latest Season Booster, and Season Combined Booster will be added.

[Image: RLm4ddll.jpg]

■ Challenge Reform
- [Challenge] will be changed to [Quest].
- Replayable quests A, B, C are added when you complete a quest.
- When you receive the rewards by completing the quest, you can get another random quest after 21 hours.
- The rewards vary according to the quest objectives and you can get a minimum of 6 Gems to a maximum of 16 Gems.
- If you do not complete the replayable quest, you can pay 5,000 Gold to receive the quest again.

■ Tutorial
- A tutorial will be added where players from Level 3 can play.
- Tutorials can be completed once per account.
- There are 7 tutorials which must be played in order.
- You cannot play the tutorial again after completing it.
- If you exit the game while playing the tutorial, you can continue by logging in again.
- You need 5 Stamina to play each tutorial.
- You may receive the Roulette reward after completing the tutorial.
- The New Starter Deck Adventure will be for sale.
(Check in-game details for more information.)

■ Shop Reform
- In-Game Name / Flag Change Ticket will no longer be sold.
- Structure Deck B, C and Starter Pack will no longer be sold.
- New Starter Deck Adventure will be sold.
(Check in-game details for more information.)

■ Other Content Reforms
- Stamina cannot be purchased with Gems or Special Tickets.
- Today’s Missions and Draft Missions will no longer be available.
- Day of the week effect will no longer take place.
- Following the contents reform, some VIP benefits have been changed.
- The UI color for showing the level and EXP of user will be changed.
- Your EXP will no longer increase when you earn cards.
- The Roulette rules will be changed.
* The space where you have already received the gift will no longer be chosen again when you spin the Roulette.
* The Roulette will be automatically reset when you receive all 10 rewards.
* The Roulette can be reset up to twice a day.
- The log-in rewards have been changed.
- The appearance condition of NPC / Contents for each level have been changed.

[Image: 0szpEOfl.jpg]

■ Fixed Issues
- Mirror Ghost’s real creature will no longer be revealed with related cards.
- The issue with Charging Bull and Bullfighter has been fixed.
- Master Templar:Materio will no longer summon only selected sword creatures.
- The issue with Izanami’s hero targeting priorities has been fixed.

- The issue with Amane=Nishiki’s special ability has been fixed.


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 [Developer's Note] Game revamp intro (Arenas, shop, card balance)
Posted by: sicut - 05-31-2017, 06:57 AM - Forum: Official News - Replies (1)

Quote:Greetings, Duelists. This is Mabinogi Duel PM Icecat.
We have changed and reformed various contents in the game through this update.
This is the developer’s note to explain more about the reforms and our intentions behind it.

Addition of New Players
One of our two biggest objectives is for many new players to begin playing the game and become active users with no difficulties.
As such, we’ve changed the existing ‘Quest’ menu to ‘Adventure’, ‘Tutorial’ to ‘Video Introduction’, and added new ‘Tutorial’ contents and Starter Deck.
New players will be able to learn the basic of Mabinogi Duel from the Guide Comics, receive the Starter Deck consisting of cards used in the Guide Comics, and proceed to the tutorial.
Duelists can experience the basics of Dueling and different deck compositions by beating the tutorial opponents using their own decks.
With the addition of the tutorial, the entry requirements for the Arena and level limit for using the Card Appraiser and Personal Shop have also been changed for new players to enjoy the contents of Mabinogi Duel with time.

Providing a Long-term Objective
Another objective of our team is for existing players to enjoy the game on a higher level.
We have merged the Mission and Arena which required too many duels with AI, and changed the Master Class Duel to Monthly Ranked Duel which will be active at all times.
Duelists may enjoy the Monthly Ranked Duel every day of the month with no limits.
If you achieve a number of victories you will be promoted to the next rank and your losses will not affect your current rank in the Monthly Ranked Duel.
However, your ranking will be decided based on the score from your accumulated wins and losses when you reach the highest rank.
You will receive a new rank every 1st of the month based on the previous month’s rank and receive special rewards such as special edition hero skins.
You will now be able to sort out the best of the best, and which deck is the most powerful in the Monthly Ranked Duel with new rules and standards!

Daily Reward Amount Revision
With the merging of Mission and Arena, the amount of rewards for the Roulette and Quest (previously Challenge) has increased.
Duelists may earn up to 15 Gems a day from the daily Roulette, and Quest A, B, C are added as slots in which you can get a maximum of 16 Gems from each quest every 21 hours.
You can enjoy a kind of Duel you want to play while completing the objectives at the same time by using the ‘Reactivate Quest’ function.
The periodic rewards of the merged Arenas are also available (daily, weekly, monthly)
Duelists can now play various kinds of Duels and earn more valuable rewards in a short amount of time.

Reduction of Shop Items
We have provided various Boosters such as Super Boosters and other Booster types until now.
However, this had the side effect of having too many items in the shop and made it hard for new players to decide which item to purchase.
Also, Duelists had trouble choosing which specific Boosters to purchase in cases of special edition cards being released at the same time.
The chances of obtaining certain cards will also be clearer with the new overhaul of Booster compositions and rules.
You may now get Normal, Mutant, Designated Special Edition cards from the 3 reformed Boosters: Basic, Season Combined, and Latest Season.
Every time you purchase these 3 Boosters, there is an 8% chance of obtaining a Mutant or Special Edition card as a bonus.
The bonus chance applies on each Booster, but you cannot get more than one bonus from a single Booster purchase.
Moreover, in the case of Designated Special Edition Cards, you can get the same composition from all 3 Boosters.
All 3 Boosters will show the obtainable chances in-game.
You can now obtain special cards with the newly reformed Boosters!

Future Update Plans
We realize that the frequent changes to card abilities had a huge impact on the value of cards and will now take a more careful approach to releasing and editing cards in future updates. We are also considering the option of making the actions and rules of Duels clearer, and providing reasonable methods of obtaining in-game wealth.

This concludes the developer’s note for the update.
We will work hard to make Mabinogi Duel an enjoyable game for all of our Duelists.

Thank you.

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