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  Developer's note on 2017/19/01 (FOD official release, new set, tradable EXT?)
Posted by: Rsea - 01-19-2017, 03:54 PM - Forum: General - No Replies

Greetings all duelists! Hello!
I am IceCat! The new PM of Mabinogi Duel.
Please bear with me as I introduce the current and future updates our game.
With this Developer’s note, I wanted to share with you our scheduled plans and answer some of the questions that might have passed your mind.
Love Inferno Event and SIH Season
SIH stands for ‘Story In History’, and you will be able to come across historical characters within Mabinogi Duel.
SIH season cards will consider the relationships between each other, and also take into account their personalities. These considerations will be displayed through their expressions throughout duels.
SIH, however, is not like other normal generations. It is somewhat of a spinoff, and more of these cards will be introduced in the near future.

In this ‘Love Inferno’ Event, two Italian scholars and their lovers will make their entrance into the world of Mabinogi Duel.
[Image: f35f9133-01c0-4a86-8b39-4c870e8f9dca.jpg]
Event Missions
Event Missions are a new in-game content that duelists can utilize to meet new opponents and decks that differ from the current missions.
You can also receive various kinds of rewards through these Event Missions during the event period.

We are planning to gradually increase the types of missions and their rewards to make this new in-game system more enjoyable.
[Image: 616fa4e9-685f-4c95-a012-f450da0de028.jpg]

New Speech Bubbles for 5-Star & Special Edition Cards
More and more expressions will be added to the current(existing) 5-Star and special edition cards.
These expressions will represent the relationships between cards/characters and will be shown only in certain conditions.

Find out for yourself! The story of Mabinogi Duel!
[Image: 011d1c98-b15c-4661-8c2a-5a7ce175596d.jpg]

Forest of the Dead : Official Release
The official release of the ‘Forest of the Dead’ will be on 2/8 (Wed).
And the Card Test Arena will soon begin, in which you can test out cards of the plus season.
Also, along with the this official release, we are planning to implement a large-scale update, which will include improvement of the Home menu.
This is why the release of FOD has been different from our previous generations.
Details of the update will be introduced the day before the official release.
[Image: 98544bc5-f852-4f07-a2ab-38d49061367f.jpg]

City of Gold – Cadir
The new generation will be known as Cadir, the City of Gold.

Find out what the new story beholds in Cadir, the city of luxury and extravagance.

[Image: f17788ab-54fb-4b75-bc06-cf3ad4010761.jpg]

Answers to your Questions

We are always looking out for the feedbacks of our duelists. And we also take user trends in our communities very seriously.

“[Dragon’s Guardian] color mutant is very difficult to obtain” has been an issue for many duelists.

I would like to state that it can be felt that way because the sales period of this card has been quite short. And also, it’s a card that hasn’t been around. [Dragon’s Guardian] follows the same rule (percentage wise) as any other card regarding the acquirement rate.

Most importantly! We have been getting many feedback on the new EXT cards.

And we have been contemplating on how to improve this in-game content; from removing the trade limitations to adding new ways to obtain them.

If we do decide to implement these kinds of changes, we will definitely take into consideration all the efforts that have been put in by duelists who already have acquired them.

Other suggestions are also being looked at, and we are trying our best to figure out how to make Mabinogi Duel a better game.

We will never stop trying to make better the in-game balance and gameplay.

And with a final goodbye, I would like to end this Developer’s Note.

I will not rest until we come up with new contents and improve the communication between us and our duelists.

Thank you always.


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  Scholar:Boccacio & Lovely Fiameta
Posted by: aquCHAOS - 01-19-2017, 01:57 PM - Forum: Card Discussion - Replies (1)

Scholar:BoccacioLovely Fiameta
[Image: giovanniBoccaccio.png?width=320&lang=en_US][Image: adorableFiammetta.png?width=320&lang=en_US]

20170119 Release

C: 5/6/7
D: 2/2/2
H: 8/10/12
A: 1/2/3
S: Summons Lovely Fiameta when summoned and -2/-3/-4 HP for itself. When your hero levels up, fully recovers its HP.

Lovely Fiameta
H: 5/6/7
A: 2/2/3
S: If it becomes the target of a spell, Boccacio becomes the target instead. -1/-2/-3 Boccacio's HP and +1/+2/+3 Attack for itself every turn.

Similar to Magician: Masked Field, should be a good/annoy card =3

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  Laura of White Rose
Posted by: aquCHAOS - 01-19-2017, 12:08 PM - Forum: Card Discussion - No Replies

Laura of White Rose
[Image: auraOfWhiteRose.png?width=320&lang=en_US] [Image: vine.png?width=320&lang=en_US]

20170119 Release

C: 4/5/6
D: 0/0/0
H: 8/11/14
A: 3/5/7
S: Summons a Vine in front at the end of every turn. Destroys the opponent's Vine and deals 3/3/4 damage to all opponents creatures every turn.

Not sure if the damage dealt by her skill is against opponent hero as well or only opponent creatures. If only against creatures, she is basically a costly version of White Shark.
The Summon-Front ability (similar to Aryabhata) provides her high survivability against Surprise Attack or reaction creatures (e.g. Seigi, Vampire, etc.). The Removal-Front ability (similar to Aryabhata) gives her a high chance to make direct damage against the hero.
Based on the description, multiple opponent vine should not trigger her effect multiple times each turn since the other vines will be destroyed in the first trigger.

Translation Error, Summon-Front, Removal-Front, AOE

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Posted by: aquCHAOS - 01-19-2017, 11:57 AM - Forum: Card Discussion - No Replies

[Image: francescoPetrarca.png?width=320&lang=en_US]

20170119 Release

C: 5/6/7
D: 2/2/2
H: 8/10/12
A: 2/3/4
S: When your hero levels up, resurrects one friendly creature from the Grave. If Laura of White Rose is summoned, moves next to it.

Basically you can only use him at the late stage of lv2.
I don't see the reason of using him instead of Angel:Orperia-1 since they cost the same.

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