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Patch notes (*click*): v-No.13-, Elurin & Bunny nerfed, new NPC shops, seal costs lowered, cards can be 'repaired'.
Event Notes (*click*): City of Gold, Cadir (CGC) pre release, SE Witch:Chesha and Temptress:Merna, SE Assassin:Shasra (Gold) obtainable in missions!!!!

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 [Event] 3/29: City of Gold, Cadir (CGC), SE Chesha + Merna
Posted by: sicut - 11 hours ago - Forum: Official News - No Replies

City of Gold, Cadir (CGC) Event Notice

Greetings, Duelists. This is Mabinogi Duel Team.

We are hosting 5 events in time with the pre-release of
‘City of Gold, Cadir (CGC)’ Season, where Duelists can receive various rewards!

Please refer to the information below more details
and we hope you have another enjoyable Dueling day!

Thank you.

★ Event 1 ★
[CGC Special Edition Card Unlock Booster Sales Event]

 - Details
   The Special Edition Card Unlock Boosters of Witch:Chesha and Temptress:Merna
are now for sale in celebration of the pre-release of CGC Season.

 - Special Edition Card Images
[Image: 809ed86c-d1e4-4a2a-ac31-f3b0009eaaff.png][Image: 658f32b5-be61-4e38-ad8d-665ccd70a0ce.png]

 - Sales Period
   * Witch:Chesha Special Edition Card Unlock Booster
After the patch on 3/29 (Wed) ~ 4/5 (Wed) 19:59
   * Temptress:Merna Special Edition Card Unlock Booster
    4/5 (Wed) 20:00 ~ 4/12 (Wed) 20:00

 - Notice
   * Special cards can be earned by chance
and the cards will show the SE mark and date of manufacture.
   * The special cards’ abilities are the same as normal cards.
   * You can view the entire list of obtainable cards from the Special Edition Card Unlock Booster by clicking the ‘Included Cards’ button.
   * You can purchase the item by unlocking it using the Special Ticket or 5 gems.

★ Event 2 ★
[CGC Event Arena]

 - Details
   An arena with special rules will be opened during the event period.
   * 15 Stamina is required to play.

 - Rules
   * It is a PVP Arena for Duelists to compete with each other.
   * Cards with selected elements may not be used in the Arena.
    → 1st: Cards with Mana element forbidden
    → 2nd: Cards with Light element forbidden
   * Other rules are the same as PVP Arena.

 - Period
   *1st: 4/1 (Sat) 20:00 ~ 4/3 (Mon) 20:00
   *2nd: 4/8 (Sat) 20:00 ~ 4/10 (Mon) 20:00
- Rewards
120 Gems,
5 Special Tickets,
3 Mutant Super Boosters,
2 EXT Card Single Boosters
TOP 10
84 Gems,
4 Special Tickets,
2 Mutant Super Boosters,
1 EXT Card Single Booster
60 Gems,
3 Special Tickets,
1 Mutant Super Booster
36 Gems,
2 Special Tickets
24 Gems,
1 Special Ticket
12 Gems

★ Event 3 ★
[CGC Challenge Event]

 - Period: After the patch on 3/29 (Wed) ~ 4/11 (Tue) 07:59
 - Details: You may claim your reward by completing
Challenge A (Stages) and Challenge B (Basic) during the event period.
  * You can obtain the Special Edition Hero Skin rewards even if you do not have the hero card.
   * You can participate in each challenge only once.
   * In the Stage Challenge A,
    you need to complete the 1st stage in order to advance to the 2nd stage.
   * The requirements for Arena rank completion are factored in
when receiving the rewards after the Arena has closed.

 - Details for Each Challenge
   *Challenge A (Stages)
Duel 5 times in the Arena
Merchant of Darkness Special Edition Card (Gold)
Beat the Cat Merchant 3 times
50 Stamina Refill Ticket
Complete the Event Mission 3 times
4 Gems
Complete the Event Mission 5 times
100 Stamina Refill Ticket
Complete the Event Mission Final 3 times
Assassin:Shasra Special Edition Card (Gold)
Win 7 times in the Arena
2 Special Tickets
Win 10 times in the Draft Arena or Limited Arena
3 Special Tickets
Achieve a Gold or higher ranking in the Arena 4 times.
Mine Canary Card
Achieve a Platinum or higher ranking in the Arena 1 time.
4 Special Tickets
Achieve a Platinum or higher ranking in the Arena 1 time.
5 Special Tickets

   *Challenge B (Basic)
Buy a Booster 3 times with Gems
Merchant of Darkness Special Edition Card (Gold)
Buy a Booster 10 times with Gems
Assassin:Shasra Special Edition Card (Gold)
Buy a Booster 20 times with Gems
Mine Canary Card
Buy a Booster 30 times with Gems
Persona:Nana Card
Buy a Booster 40 times with Gems
Witch:Chesha Special Edition Hero Skin
Buy a Booster 50 times with Gems
Scholar:Bocaccio Card

   * Witch:Chesha Special Edition Hero Skin Image

[Image: 4a380879-5f8f-46c0-aa62-fe031372f171.png]

[CGC Mutant Festival Event]

 - Period: After the patch on 3/29 (Wed) ~ 4/12 (Wed) 20:00
 - Details: The chances of acquiring the following mutant cards
in the Mutant Super Booster increase by 10 times.
         * The chances of other Mutant Cards and P Cards also increase by 3 times.

[Image: ff0a72d4-85e5-4512-95ac-c65c3e003db0.png][Image: 33f387e7-f2b4-400f-a403-5ed6a0e0acd2.png][Image: a824adf1-e0f6-41ad-a1c8-2fd3feaf99c9.png]
               [Image: 9987ee0c-31b6-444b-aeab-ed42bb28c476.png][Image: 7561c51c-e963-41ab-885d-a527dfa0d595.png]

★ Event 5 ★
[CGC Event Mission]
 - Period: After the patch on 3/29 (Wed) ~ 4/25 (Tue) 07:59
 - Details: You can claim your reward by completing
the mission of Dueling with a selected opponent hero.
 - Rewards for Each Mission:
Day of the Week
Mission 1
500 Gold
Mission 2
1000 Gold
Mission 3
1 Special Ticket
Final Mission
2 Special Tickets
Mission 1
1000 Gold
Mission 2
1 Special Ticket
Mission 3
2 Special Tickets
Final Mission
3 Special Tickets

 * Rewards are given only upon the first completion.
  * Event Missions are available for Duelists who are over level 10
or who have completed Chapter 5 of the Guide Comics.
  * Ongoing missions such as Today’s Mission or Draft Mission
can be continued playing even after the day has passed.


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 [Patch] 3/29: v-No.13-, Elurin & Bunny nerfed, new NPC shops, seal cost lowered
Posted by: sicut - 11 hours ago - Forum: Official News - No Replies

Greetings, Duelists. This is Mabinogi Duel Team.

This is an announcement regarding the details of the patch on 3/29 (Wed).

First off, there will be an increase in the variety of NPCs and their functions through the upcoming patch.
You may now repair worn-out cards and purchase cards from previous seasons that were hard to get at a cheaper price through NPCs.
We hope this comes in handy for all our Duelists.

Also, 9 types of cards will be reworked,
including v-No.13-, Paralyzer:Elurin, and White Moon Bunny.
We are excited to see how this will change the deck formations and strategies of our Duelists!

Other issues have been fixed and improvements made along with the Master Class Duel Season update.

Please refer to the details below and we hope you enjoy another day of Dueling!

Thank you.

■ Patch Time: 3/29 (Wed) 19:00

■ Addition of New NPC
 - A new NPC [Blacksmith:Ferghus] will be added.
   You can use a special ticket to repair your card’s wear level through [Blacksmith:Ferghus].
   * Only Duelists over level 15 will be able to use it.
   * The number of special tickets needed for repair depends on
your card’s type, grade, and wear level.

■ Cat Merchant’s Personal Shop
 - You may now use the personal shop of our NPC friend, [Cat Merchant].
   269 types of normal cards from Season G1 - G2 that are graded 3 stars or less are available for purchase.
   * All cards for sale by the Cat Merchant have a wear level of 3/4.
   * You may purchase the same card multiple times.
   * Gems or Gold may be used as payment.

 ■ Card Reworks (9 Types)
 - The special abilities or stats of 9 types of cards have been changed.
   (The changed abilities and stats are written in different color.)
   * [The Spirit of the Sword] is now classified as a sword creature.
   * The reworked cards may be exchanged through the Card Appraiser
using a number of special tickets according to their type, grade, and wear level
from 3/29 (Wed) 20:00 to 4/12 (Wed) 20:00.
  (In the case of Beast:Jane, Beastkin:Jane can be exchanged.)

Card reworks

[Image: b88063e3-617b-45da-b641-1a6dc60eb9fd.png]
When summoned, summons a Sword creature in the center slot.
All the friendly Sword creatures perform a long-distance attack on the nearest opponent every turn.

Resources :6/7/8/9
Defense: 6/6/6/6
HP: 6/8/10/12

[Image: 5e8e84e9-3acf-42a4-b6c1-becac18b0932.png]
Paralyzes the creature in front for 2/2/3/3 turns. At the end of a turn, destroys all creatures paralyzed for more than 3/3/3/3 turns.

Resources: 5/6/7/8
HP: 14/17/20/23

[Image: 04acdbc9-9830-4e83-946b-6a7930dc95db.png]
While in the center slot, adds Immortal Potion to itself and all friendly creatures without special abilities.

Resources: 6/7/8/9
Attack: 2/4/4/5
Defense: 0/0/0/0
HP: 4/7/10/13

[Image: e99db503-bb0c-4eec-9fb0-f5d809c7ab75.png]
Increases its Attack by 1/2/3/4 and HP by 2/2/2/2 times whenever a Hyena is summoned.

Resources: 3/4/5/6
Defense: 4/4/4/4
HP: 3/5/7/9

[Image: 162729ec-c031-4ba7-b6c9-172583dd7364.png]
Its HP does not fall below 1 while in the center slot. If a creature is summoned in front of her, sends it away to a different slot with 10/12/15/17 damage. If targeted by a spell, cancels the spell and returns to Beastkin:Jane.

[Image: f51984ae-4638-4e60-a989-3b4cdb9481be.png]
Discard 1/2/2/3 creature card(s) with the lowest cost in your hand to the Grave. Whenever a creature is sent to the Grave by this effect, summons a Synthesized Zombie and increases its HP by the number of discarded cards.

Resources: 4/6/7/9

[Image: 2fcdfcff-77d0-4c27-bc0c-cd8fba0e07ec.png]
Resources: 3/4/5/6

Attack: 4/6/7/9
Defense: 1/2/2/3
HP: 1/2/3/4

[Image: aff375e3-1d98-44d4-837c-2845d8ff19af.png]
Resources: 2/3/4/5

[Image: 74973171-4558-4a04-93c3-60433fae39dc.png]
Resources: 1/2/3/4
Defense: 1/4/7/10
HP: 1/1/1/1

■ Master Class Duel Update
 - A new season of Master Class Duel begins on 3/31 (Fri) 20:00.
 - The Master Class Duel ranks and season rewards for the month of April are as follows.
600 Gems
Gold Crown Card
Laura of White Rose Card
Fury Card
Ashlyn Card
G4P Mutant Booster (5 Duelists)
300 Gems
Silver Crown Card
Laura of White Rose Card
Fury Card
G4P Mutant Booster (5 Duelists)
150 Gems
Bronze Crown Card
Fury Card
G4P Mutant Booster (5 Duelists)
Class 10
100 Gems
Rusty Crown Card
G4P Mutant Boosters (4 Duelists)
Class 8~9
50 Gems
1 Gold Medal Ticket
G4P Mutant Booster (3 Duelists)
Class 6~7
25 Gems
2 Silver Medal Tickets
G4P Mutant Booster (2 Duelists)
Class 4~5
10 Gems
1 Silver Medal Ticket
G4P Mutant Booster (1 Duelist)
Class 2~3
5 Gems
2 Bronze Medal Tickets
Class 1
1 Bronze Medal Ticket
     * The G4P Mutant Booster can be gifted to other Duelists
according to the number in the parenthesis.
     * The Master Class Duel season rewards may change every month.
     * Crown cards may be sold for the following prices.
       Gold Crown Card = 150,000 Gold
       Silver Crown Card = 100,000 Gold
       Bronze Crown Card = 70,000 Gold
       Rusty Crown Card = 50,000 Gold
■ Improvements/Changes
 - Daily Random Challenges are now enabled automatically upon logging in,
and are no longer available for free purchase in the shop.
 - The Gold price of a card is now shown on the bottom left corner of the card.
 - If the ‘Go Back’ button is pressed while changing the deck registered in the arena,
the screen will now switch to the arena deck selection screen
instead of the arena main screen.
 - The special ability descriptions of Shurka, Tarka, Warlord Shurka, and Warlord Tarka
have been changed.
 - Help information is added to Mean Mage:Lily card.
 - Different designs are now applied to each type of Challenge for better distinction.
- Prices of Gems required for 0~4 Star Normal Sealed card purchases have been changed.
   * Normal cards refer to all cards other than Mutant cards, Special Editioncards, Collaboration Season cards, Plus Season cards, and SIH Season cards.
   * Gem prices for each card rarity are shown below:
★★★★ -> 40
★★★ -> 20
★★ ->15
★ -> 10
☆(0 Star) -> 5

■ Fixed Issues
 - When the AI uses Mucro Algesco:Yukianesa in PvE, it may now target the enemy
and the AI’s friendly creature no longer becomes frozen when targeting the enemy.
 - Duelists may now exchange Unlock Tickets in the PC version without any issues.
 - The issue with Battle Force:Nata and its special ability effect
on Anna and Magician:Masked Field is now fixed.
 - The issue with Duelists losing a Duel in the Arena while on a winning streak
and receiving Gold and EXP through messages is now fixed.
 - The text in the rollbook will now appear normal in the PC version.
 - The ‘Find Opponent’ button will now appear in the Master Class Duel.
 - The game is now playable on the Android 7.0 Nugat.


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  Trade done....
Posted by: skygkar - Yesterday, 07:09 PM - Forum: Trading - No Replies

I'm looking for Seigi and Watcher of the forest genie.

Buy in $ PayPal

PM me your offer.

I have already traded and proved I'm honest...

Trade done, thanks.

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  Paying USDs for Gold & Cards: Paralizer:Elurin(WHITE+1), Beatrice, BombSquad+1
Posted by: esco - Yesterday, 02:31 PM - Forum: Trading - No Replies

I'm paying in USDs via PayPal and am looking for:

Ingame GOLD !!!

Beatrice of Salvation
Goblin Bomb Squad(+1)

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