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[Fan Art] Seeker Neriva AA ! also looking for AA everis + 1 nature! [NSFW] Slave Cat Owned Wizard Eva Collab! (I wish) His Best Offer Not Today, Satan. Still cant believe my luck - First Event Pack
  A Newbie's PC Request
Posted by: Avenged - 1 hour ago - Forum: Trading - No Replies

Hi guys! Figured I would start trying to start selling some cards to work towards a new deck. I've been browsing shops on and off so I might have an idea for what cards aren't popular, but please bear with me if I overrate any card by putting it here Big Grin I'll only list 3* and above cards, and mutants, since I figure non-mutant lower cards may not be worth that much?

Anyway, I'm aware that I could have quite a few rather useless cards being PC'ed below, so please feel free to just quote PC for those that have some sale value!


Tarka 5*
Devil Theoh (Red mutant) 3*

Vortex of the Nexus 3*
Spirit of Seduction Lusalka 3*
Undine Aquora 4*

AA Mermaid Sise (Green mutant) 3*
Beastkin Jones 3*
Magical Beast Apophis 4*

Cat Merchant of Darkness 3*
Assassin Shasra 3*
Black Knight 3*
Mad Technician Eida (Black mutant)
Apprentice Witch Chichi 3*
Vanished Thief's Book (Black mutant)3*
Witch's Servant Coco 5*
Magician Masked Field 3*
Witch Baba 3*
Witch Xenon Yornda 4*
Altered Zombie Epimetheus 3*
Altered Zombie Prometheus 4*
Vampire Hero Yura +1 4*

Beastkin Obi 3*
Angel Orperia 4*
Barbarian King Tanak (White mutant) 4*
Ultimate True Holy Spear 4*

Other mutants below 3*:
Coward Imp -1
Cunning Raccoon (Black)
Summon Sensing Bomb -1 (Blue)
Swamp Zombie -1 (Blue)
Restaurant +1
Jellyfish +1
Manticore -1 (Blue)
Night Invasion (Green)
Time Bomb Golem +1
Flame Barrier -1
Golem Defender +1
Zombie Charger +1

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  [PvP] More deck advice please!
Posted by: Avenged - 05-19-2017, 10:01 AM - Forum: Deck, Arena and Strategy help - Replies (3)

Hi again! I've been enjoying the game (albeit without pulling much of the rare BlazBlue stuff, sadly), and in recent weeks I've really enjoyed trying to build new decks. In particular I've been looking at some of the common deck archetypes for inspiration too. I didn't want to start one thread per deck so I thought I would just do one more to ask some questions - I hope that's alright!

1. Effort & Talent (Deck 600948bDeck 6009347 / Deck 600948f - I love the idea of taking relatively useless cards and making them suddenly viable, so this one really attracted me. Made 3 variants, and am currently using the first variant. Are my E&T decks/this archetype generally still viable in Arena/PVP? I'm having mixed success - sometimes I dominate pretty strongly, yet sometimes I get stalled hard by creature effects and can't clear the enemy field fast enough to make a comeback.

2. Trap in the Castle - I haven't fully built a TITC deck yet, but I've been looking to build one because most of the time when I come up against this deck it wrecks me. I see a lot of people running [Blue] Arrow of Revenge and [Red] TITC. Unfortunately I can't afford any of these yet (I have no idea how to price my cards to sell and I'm not sure if I should blow 10 gems on a shop). Is TITC still viable in Arena/PVP and can it be done without mutants? I do have an Undine Aquora that I see someone using though...

3. Goblin Chieftain +1 - One last archetype that I think I might enjoy playing (although I can't afford the +1 mutant right now). Is it still viable or should I not bother working towards getting the cards?

Thanks guys!

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  New to selling
Posted by: Paive - 05-18-2017, 08:26 PM - Forum: Trading - No Replies

Been playing for a couple months casually but never bothered to sell, I figure I'll get the hang of prices eventually and some are pretty easy to find just browsing through shops but I wanted to get a price check on these since I don't see them up for sale much. Please and thank you.

Kobold Rangers: Red!/Green!
Witch: Banoba (Mana) WNPp(the one with the alternate portrait)
White Moon Bunny

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  Phil's Private Reserve
Posted by: alsdkjfs - 05-18-2017, 05:12 AM - Forum: Trading - Replies (1)

All 0/4. These cards are NOT available in store! But if you do go to my store you can pick up some random stuff very cheap!

If you can help pc this stuff hit me up as I am bad at prices. If you want something pm offer.

dark -- https://devcat.nexon.com/duel/us/deck?6009240
light -- https://devcat.nexon.com/duel/us/deck?6009248
gold -- https://devcat.nexon.com/duel/us/deck?600925b
mana -- https://devcat.nexon.com/duel/us/deck?600924a
nature -- https://devcat.nexon.com/duel/us/deck?600924b

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