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Help/FAQ for the Forum & Shoutbox - sicut - 11-21-2016


Q: I can't post or start a new thread!

Q: After registration, I never got any authentication mail?!

Beginner/newbie section

After reading this help section, browsing through the wiki and the forum, you might still have a lot of question.
You might find some answers/help in this beginner thread.
If not, just ask ahead there, in chat or open a specific thread.

Forum, chat & wiki usage

Q: Where can I enter my IGN and/or Shop Code?

Q: How can I change the thread layout?

Q: What's up with that Wiki?

Q: What functions and commands are supported in the Shoutbox

Q: How can I link to my deck easily?

Q: What the hell is that 5fde8ca code in the above answer?

Q: Where can I look up cards infos?

Q: Where can I look up card prices?

Q: Where do I go to trade cards, [gift] gems and [gift] boosters?

PC and emulator questions:

Q: Is there a PC client?

Q: How do I play on emulators?

Q: How do I trade with emulators?

Some random knowledge

Q: How to check for new set/collab releases?