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Event Notice 2017/01/11: SE Fryee, Dragon's Guardian, More EXTs... - Hastorang - 01-11-2017

Event Notice on 1/11


Greetings Duelists,
This is Mabinogi Duel Team.

Thanks to all your support, we decided to extend the Happy New Year event period!
On a related note, we are here to announce the modifications of the event contents and rewards!

Check the details below and receive fabulous rewards!

Thank you duelists!

Event 1.
[Happy New Year]
Booster Inside the Booster Sales Event!

- Contents
Purchase 8 kinds boosters including the Happy New Year booster and get the chance to acquire Special Edition and EXT season cards.

- Special Edition & EXT Card Images

[Image: 15995009_1755083998147033_71200158595965...e=591D626C]

[b]Booster Details[/b]

[Image: 15895386_1755084321480334_24666632178024...e=59192A43]
* You can get the Happy New Year S Single Booster for free each day during its sales period.

Event 2.
[Happy New Year] Mutant Festival Event

Period: After patch on 1/11 (Wed) ~ 1/18 (Wed), 19:00.
* 10 times the chance of below mutant cards appearing in Super Boosters.
* 3 times the chance of P cards & other mutant cards appearing in Super Boosters

[Image: 15940724_1755084748146958_82383341294043...e=58E530BC]

[b]Event 3.
[Happy New Year]
Normal Achievement Challenge Event


- Period: After the patch on 1/12 (Wed) ~ 1/12 (Thu), 06:59

- Contents and Rewards

[Image: 15937190_1755084961480270_38433166815888...e=5918C9E4]

- Note

* Special Edition Hero Skins can be acquired even if you don’t own the corresponding hero.

* Achievements Challenges, which include Special Edition Hero Skins of Elysis and the Old Man as rewards, will not be shown to duelists who already own them.
* All achievements, except the colored/bold achievements, can be completed once.

[Image: 15965435_1755085538146879_31505159049518...e=58D9735D]
Elysis Special Edition Hero Skin

[Image: 15965603_1755085658146867_52633397609198...e=59159645]

Old Man Special Edition Hero Skin

[b]Event 4.
[Happy New Year] Daily/Weekly Achievement Challenge Event


- Period: 1/12 (Tue) ~ 1/18 (Wed), 06:59

- Contents and Rewards

[Image: 15941155_1755085984813501_46224557321686...e=58E57D9D]


* Daily Achievement Challenges are limited to 1 time at a specific day of the week.

* Weekly Achievement Challenge allow only 1 completion per each Challenge.


Event 5.
[Happy New Year]
You’ve Got Mail! Event

- Contents: Log-in during the event period to receive gifts! (Through your mailbox)

- Recipients: All duelists who registered before 1/4 (Wed), 07:00.

- Period and Rewards:

[Image: 15940372_1755086491480117_34447752480836...e=590E6E02]

Thank you.
Mabinogi Duel Team