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The BIG Forum update thread (status, links, overview) - updated 2017/01/24
Since there are so many update threads and polls already, this one will be the only stickied one and will just link to all the projects. I will update this periodially.

Nearly everything is momentarily done by me, which is too much. We need more helpers for the bigger projects or it will take forever / wont happen at all.

If you are interested in a project, just post in the Project's linked main thread please. But if you have something in general to say, just post it here.

1 Work in Progress (WIP)

1.1 Forum theme and layout refined

1.2 Arena top 10 viewer thread

1.3 New Archtype Forum

1.4 Wiki

2 Planned

2.1 Card DB (base for all widgets)

2.2 Daily Mutant Widget

2.3 Trading Tool/Widget

2.4 Card Price widget

2.5 Automated card links/pop ups

3 Done

3.1 Forum structure rebuild

3.2 Card Discussion Forum Rebuild

3.3 Forum PM mods

3.4 Shout Box/Chat

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The BIG Forum update thread (status, links, overview) - updated 2017/01/24 - sicut - 12-04-2016, 03:25 PM

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