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[Episode 17] Somebody's Hero
Can anybody help me with it ? With every possible combination with mana cards - enemy fast kill all my cards and my hero. What i doing wrong? Pls help me.
Hey, Here is some help you need for Chapter 14 Somebody's Hero.

First, you use the book of knowledge to level up quickly.

After that, use hunt or surprise attack on one of the mud, Prefer hunt first.

If you have the opportunity to level up, do so because you need more action.

Eventually your opponent will summon a mud archer or ogre trainer. Servant of fire is very important, and the elves are use for sacrifice.

-Kill that archer with hunt/surprise attack and place that servant of fire in front of that space, to guarantee safety. Then summon the elves on different area as targets for archers and protect from further damage taken.( Note: recommend having one space between elves for shield bearer)

-If it summon the ogre trainer instead of archer, use surprise attack/hunt on another mud and place that servant of fire in front of that space. Because it will turn to an ogre later on once it is killed by the servant of fire if opponent has three gold left. Later summon the elves in front of mud.

From this point on, summon creatures and/or magic which you believe would turn the table against him. And level up to three when given opportunity.

Let me know if this helps you, and if you need any help from other chapter, feel free to add another trend in missions.


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