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Devcat did the unbelievable and revamped the whole game by dropping most of the tedious arenas and adding a weekly/monthly ladder system.
But pls check the update notes yourself:
Intro from devs,
Patch Notes, Rewards update,
New Summer Event

How to finish Daily Mission lightning fast???
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I've been struggling to make the best deck for daily mission. As everybody knows, the AIs aren't that smart and I just wondering if you guys have a go-to deck for finishing this daily mission as fast as you can. Currently, I'm using 2 resources deck, but somehow in intermediate level, things sometimes getting out of control.

I'd really appreciate if you guys want to share your deck for facing this daily grind thing...
just play a good tempo aggro heavy deck , skeletons , elves , removals , phantom of wolf and arrows sure to bring them down ezpz . dont bother putting anything too fanciful , just rush face :3
Agree with Baka. Aggro are the best.
A soul+leaf may work well, or also a soul+mana or leaf+mana. You can use mana for the early removal spells like magic missle or fireball, or a good removal aoe like fire wall and add some creature like mana thief (very good with some removal spell, good damage and mana for use spell) and phantom of the wolf, and in the other side you can put strong creature. Soul is more aggressive, leaf has lower attack but more survability.
Soul part: Skeleton Dark cat Skeleton soldier Vampire Arrow of revenge Death sentence Hellound
Leaf card: Elf Hunt Alraune Eagle Elf Hero Trish...
Mana card: Magic Missle Mana Thief Fireball Phantom of the Wolf Fire wall

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