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READ this BEFORE posting a new thread
Just use the search function in this forum to find your desired card and read about it and preferably post something there.

If there is absolutely no thread for a certain card to be found (the search function is at the bottom of the page Wink ), open a new one for it. Reprints and AA all still belong in the main thread of the card, too.
  1. Name the thread like the card's name; e.g. Elf
  2. find the card in the Nexon database and link it there and name the link like the card again; e.g. Elf
  3. add a picture of it 2 lines below the link (get the link of the picture in the above mentioned Nexon card descrition; right click on the card picture there, "copy link location") and put that link into "insert a picture" here; then make the width 300 so it is still readable -> no need, the pictures from Nexon's page already have width of 320
  4. put the link to Nexon's card into the picture (just click on the pic to mark it like you would mark text) the same way you did it with Elf before
  5. If you use links to other cards, please use the links from the card threads in the form to make jumping around between discussions easier
  6. save the thread
  7. optionally: add some thoughts for it into your first reply to the thread to jumpstart a discussion

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