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Ok, I finally put up an outline for the Wiki. I gathered questions and answers for some weeks now and hope that it catches most of the stuff, a beginner might want to know.
Just check for yourself if you are interested.

Now we need to fill all that with pages/content.

Haides has to fix the graphical editor, but other than that, the 'edit source' still works.
graphic editor is broken?
Does it work for you?

[Image: ZRAQcq4.png]

I get that with every browser.

You didn't happen to read Haides' To Do list, yet?
Thanks to Haides, the graphical editor for the wiki is working again - yay! Big Grin
Just don't use


yet - that still crashes it for whatever reason.

Well, since the general feedback was so overwhelming ( Angry ) so far and yet the same questions are still repeating in chat, I started creating the basic stuff on my own.

Now I need feedback/actual help in correcting errors, weird phrasing and expanding the contents. Some pages are still collections of things, that came up in chat or are insane insights from me, I just hastely put in there. Tongue
Also there are next to no pictures there yet, which makes reading the texts pretty cumbersome.

Blanks seemed to already have uploaded a lot of the original game ressource graphics. But I haven't been able to figure out how to actually access them all, yet.

For starters I would like to have some neat pictures for all the important links on the main page like other wikis of popular games have.
Thanks a bunch for all the contributions so far @ Epoli, Karzan, Chromatic and all I forgot!
The wiki is finally taking shape.

There should be a at least one picture in most of the pages now.
The basics are still being worked on.

I copied 2 guides already (Deck Building and PvP) - but both are not finished. Maybe Lexar is willing to finish his great work? :-)

Let's see what everybody can come up with.

@♔Haides: Epoli and Karzan both encountered the same problem ("Unknown Error") when trying to save the page after inserting an external link in the graphical editor. It happend with Chrome and Firefox. Could that have something to do with the Spam Filter and/or some privileges, since I dont have that problem?
server security too tight, will have to lighten it up a little
Ah ok, we will be patient then :-)

One thing...the community drop down menu contains 2 old links to card search and trading. Could u update that please? The trading maybe to the tool and the search maybe to the card discussion forum? Or maybe you have a better idea?
i can do that ;D
edit: i seem to be able to put in external links
Ok, thx for the new links in the menu!

Ya, I could put in external links too, just the others couldnt / got that error when trying to save the page.

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