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Devcat did the unbelievable and revamped the whole game by dropping most of the tedious arenas and adding a weekly/monthly ladder system.
But pls check the update notes yourself:
Intro from devs,
Patch Notes, Rewards update,
New Summer Event

Poll: Best resource system?
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Yu-Gi-Oh before 2007
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1 33.33%
Shadow Era
1 33.33%
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That crappy ubisoft one
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Yu-Gi-Oh after 2007
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Versus System?
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Eye of the Beholder?
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Total 3 vote(s) 100%
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What is your favorite resource mechanic in card games?
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Mine is from Shadow Era (memories from 2011):
  • cards have cost
  • you pay from your resource pool
  • your pool starts at either 0 or 1, can't remember
  • each turn, you may select and discard 1 card from your hand to increase your pool capacity by 1
  • the pool capacity increase is always 1, no matter the cost/type of the card you choose to burn
In practice, it plays out like so:

On average, players burn 8 cards total, usually in their first 8 turns.
In the beginning, it's pragmatic to burn high cost cards since they won't be of use for many turns.
Later on, you might burn your cheap/fast cards since they won't have the same impact.

To complete the picture:

40 card deck, standard random draw. Max duplicates is either 3 or 4.
Early on it was a 30 card deck, with 4 duplicates. This made it quite possible to game the odds and basically remove the randomness. You could count on having your 2-drop, 3-drop, 4-drop, etc. To the point where 1st turn advantage could decide the game.

Attacking was targeted. The defending creature did not "counter attack", they just simply take the dmg. Same as Mabinogi. Creatures had summoning sickness, again same as Mabinogi.

The game itself had that grindy f2p CCG feel, but the ELO (PvP matchmaking) system worked well enough so you didn't feel outgunned. As opposed to Shartstone, where sometimes you just got crushed by Cash Daddy's Big Ultra Rare Grape Machine. I hear the meta now is more f2p friendly, but you won't catch me playing a Blizzard game unless it's name is Lost Vikings.

I think Shadow Era could have been something, but I won't touch a "pure CCG" f2p grindfest again. Let's make Mabinogi's trade system the bare minimum for any CG moving forward. Unless we are talking Living Card Games like Android Net Runner. Never played it, but the concept is neat.
...my "specialties" are rookie arena and staple flipping; ymmv

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