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Carl Shekar
Carl Shekar

[Image: tbtCal.png?width=320&lang=en_US]

Translation error: "Whenever damaged by any source, returns the same amount of damage back to that source."
Just a bit of info.

Any damage is reflected back to source.

Example: Dust's barrage ability will be reflected back to her even if it is indirect.

Source: My Dust in Veteran. lol
Thanks for the find!
I updated the op with the translation error.
Just to further clarify the card's effect: also the damage incurred by an AOE spell is mirrored to the opponent hero.

As far as I can tell Carl Shekar is the only creature whose "counter-removal" ability (if you know what I mean) triggers also when not directly targeted, differently for example from Ninja: Hanjo, Persona: Arisha, Bluesy Fluesy, Aryabhata, Vampire Prince: Dorian, etc. (not considering Magic Sensing Bomb, obviously).

The only exception are non damage inflicting removals (Drag to Hell, Death Sentence, ...)
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