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[Official] 2016/11/05 Bugfix: Detective:Christy's 100% chance in the daily WNBp
Just to have a pointer in the future about that 'bug'.

I dont know if chat or FB was faster in noticing the 100% drop rate of Detective:Christy in the daily WNBp booster. But this was the official reaction:

The error regarding the sales of WNBP Booster have been fixed.
WNBP Boosters are now available!
Sorry for the trouble,
and enjoy Mabinogi Duel again!
Greetings Duelists,
This is Mabinogi Duel Team.
There has been an in-game system bug regarding the WNBP Card Booster at 11/5 (Sat), 9:35 PDT.
The sales of this booster have been stopped temporarily.
We currently have found the source of this bug and will announce the fix of this bug with an announcement ASAP.
We kindly ask for your understanding on this matter.
Thank you.
Mabinogi Duel Team

Looking for rare/SE/AA/collab cards? -> my sales thread
Want to sell some gems? -> my WTB gems thread
If you want to support my work, send me some gems and/or leave some feedback Smile


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