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Mutant Sale for MDF costs take 2 (Dark Betrayal, Alrunes etc etc)
Sooo since I'm probably not going to use these, would like to sell for USD and cover some USD costs.

Make me an offer, if it's the best one I get then I'm happy to sell. Everything has to go!

[Image: 1.PNG]
[Image: 2.PNG]
[Image: 3.PNG]
[Image: 4.PNG]
[Image: 5.PNG]
[Image: 6.PNG]
[Image: 7.PNG]
[Image: 8.PNG]
[Image: 9.PNG]
[Image: 10.PNG]
[Image: 11.PNG]
[Image: 12.PNG]
[Image: 13.PNG]
[Image: 14.PNG]
[Image: 15.PNG]
[Image: 16.PNG]
[Image: 17.PNG]
[Image: 18.PNG]
come on guys post them bids!
75 USD via Paypal
(11-24-2016, 02:47 PM)LightvAngel Wrote: 75 USD via Paypal

as in for the account? ;]
dudes, buy some of this shiz ! gotta pay for MDF upgrades etc~
I'd like to have these:

Fire Wall (Dark)
Alraune (Dark+1)
Hunt (Light)
Witch: Zeina (Mana+1)

5USD! through a seemless paypal transaction ~
~ Can't play Overwatch? Too far away from a decent computer? Play Mabinogi Duel. ~
Wow, Dark Betrayal... the MD Holy Grail Smile
~Avatar by @DyingKestrel~
Hi~ I would like to ask how much for the DB? xD
Interested in :
Alraune (Nature -1 SE)
Witch: Zeina (Mana+1 SE)
Drag to hell (Light)
Goblin Bomb Squad (Nature)
Dragon Hunter:Scott(Light+1)
Turn to frog(Dark)

10USD(paypal) if all clean
Would like:
dark turn to frog
Skeleton AA
Mama holy missle
Mama book of knowledge
Mama arrow of revenge
Mama skeleton +1

10USD verified PayPal

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