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Warning: New WNB daily mutant rotation set
For all who didnt already see it coming like rsea did...devcat obviously decided to bring super booster only WNB mutants to daily rotation.
It started yesterday with Nature Jones +1 and was continued today by Nature Tiger +1.

Don't buy them for millions and prepare for other mutants to show up as well.

Although the most expensive ones should have been those two afaik.
ahahaha, these devs,... truly yours... speechless.... so funny

the nature johns+1 was quite a surprise for me actually, but to be followed by nature tiger +1,... that's sadistic.
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Hmm, I wonder what got axed from rotation for them...Xena (Mana) is 1 week overdue now...
Erm... Didn't Xena just came into Rotation ?  If I recalled correctly, She was Late the last time round as well.  Maybe in the next week or two.
A Wise Man can learn more from a Foolish Question than a Dim one from a Smart Answer.  t('.'t)
So if it's the super booster, P cards are no exception, right?
Should I ditch my Banoba mana+1 now?
Daily WNB mutant boosters can only contain WNB cards ;-)
Alright, my guess with Xena wrong. Begs the question what was left out. Or if Tiger +1 and Nature Jones +1 will stay in rotation or its only a one time deal.

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