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Save your gems...new collab(s) are around the corner!
Quote:[09:15] Thrice : There would be additional collaboration sets with name of OKT and BLZ in future. We don't know what those are exactly yet.
Quote:[09:18] Thrice : But I don't know when. Maybe soon or maybe far in the future.
Quote:[Image: avatar_2616.png?dateline=1477090445] [09:28] ♔Epoli : As collab card set Blazblue is possible, another Nexon's game in these days is having a "collab" period for avatars/characters with Blazblue

note: Blazblue might be the aforementioned BLZ
And here is @bf_images.png

It is usually worth a check after an update.

Last time I discovered of TBT 2 weeks before the official announcement by looking at this file.

I don't know if the time gap to release will be still 2 weeks.

I don't think so... Probably OKT and BLZ are 2017 collaboration sets.

I'm expecting simply a mutant festival for Christmas. But I may be wrong.

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No drop rate of any booster can be estimated after the 02/09/2017 patch
Oh, you mean the set names in that file? thats a very good find...I would have needed that before TBT as well Undecided

So I guess thats how Naver/Thrice found out?
Could you please post the path to the file?
In an Android device:

Internal memory> devCAT> MTGC > GGO> @bf_images.png

No need for root
No drop rate of any booster can be estimated after the 02/09/2017 patch
thx + added to the forum help!

(12-02-2016, 01:29 AM)sicut Wrote: So I guess thats how Naver/Thrice found out?

To answer my question myself: yep Big Grin

But thx to that post devcat will probably close that hole as well soon enough Dodgy
Better late than never? Dodgy 

BlazBlue collaboration set officially announced

And as always, we get something new rather than something fixed  Confused
Knowing Nexon quite surely those collaboration boosters will be buyable only with special tickets Dodgy
Draft Arena till death.

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