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Card database - Suggestion, feedback & discussion thread (Phase: Brainstorming)
This is planned to be the heart for nearly all automated feature in the forum:
Trading widget, daily mutant widget, card price widget and so on

Here the SQL structure for the cards database:
Cards table
    - name (name plus set -> DragToHell_WNB) -> unique?-> ID?
    - set
    - card discussion forum link (via ingame name, since the set is irrelevant
    - mutant - yes/no -> redundant with the next?/card name
    - rotation mutant - yes/no -> redundant with table Rotation_mutants
    - Epoli's attributes:
        - Color
        - mutant "gene" -> redundant as well? -> Nah, we need that to filter out the mutants for the bad words DB for example
        - description
    - price link (current/last/median?)
Alternative_names table (abbreviations) - I try to make the card filter and other things work with this to make typing easier
    - ID
    - alt name
    - foreign key -> Cards_name [unique]

Rotation_mutants table
    - ID
    - foreign key -> Cards_name
    - when
    - drop chance

Ratings table
    - ID
    - foreign key -> Cards_name
    - rating
    - date
    - user
    - notes/reasons (optional)
Nerfs/boosts table
    - ID
    - foreign key -> Cards_name [unique]
    - what changed (old -> new)
    - date
    - user
    - notes/reasons (optional)

Price widget(selling!!!!) table
    - ID
    - foreign key -> Cards_name
    - price
    - date entered (sold?)
    - user
TRADING widget table
    - ID
    - foreign key -> Cards_name
    - set (auto from Cards_name) -> NOPE, per SELECT in the tool
    - condition
    - price
    - sell/buy
    - user
    - date entered

These are the tables I came up with so far.
If anyone knows what this is and has some more input on this, feel free to comment.
If you want to know more about specifics or what this is, just ask...I just didnt want to post a text wall if nobody reads it anyway.
Looking for rare/SE/AA/collab cards? -> my sales thread
Want to sell some gems? -> my WTB gems thread
If you want to support my work, send me some gems and/or leave some feedback Smile


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