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[Official] Patch Note 2016/12/07: Bugfixes, ban stuff
Quote:Greetings Duelists,
This is Mabinogi Duel Team.

We are here to inform you of the patch on 12/7 (Wed).

With the patch comes the changes on the Arena rankings and the distribution of additional rewards based on the modifications. Not to mention the bug fixes of certain cards.

- Patch Period: 12/7 (Wed), 18:00

- Arena Ranking Changes & Additional Rewards
* Duelists who abused the in-game system will be penalized based on our Operations Policy.
* Please see the [Patch on \] for details.
* 2nd place duelist from the arena, in which the Champion was an abusing duelist, will receive Champion rewards.

- Bug Fix
* Fixed a bug in which the special ability of [(Dark) Illusion of Witch] gave Mana instead of Dark.
* Fixed a bug in which [Seigi]’s special ability activated when it shouldn’t have due to hero abilities, therefore allowing for its HP to not fall below 1.
* Fixed a bug in which the [Mirror Ghost] did not return its cost(resources) when returned to hand due to the ability of [Tsunami].
* Fixed a bug in which [Spirit of Seduction:Lusalka]’s special ability did not activate when level mutant creature card was used.
* Fixed a bug in which the [Fisherman]’s ability-activation message was displayed even when his ability did not activate.
* The ability of [Blind Watchmaker] is now working properly.
* Fixed a bug in which [Cross Counter] in the Grave activated even when the damage was inflicted upon the ally hero by something other than an opponent’s spell.
* Fixed a bug in which [Barbarian King:Tanak] did not return to hand when SKIP button was pressed continuously on Episode 65 of the Guide Comics.


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