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[Official] Patch Note 2016/12/14: FOD1-3, some improvements, Bugfixes
Quote:This is Mabinogi Duel Team

We are here to announce the details of the patch note on 12/14.

With the celebration of a merry Christmas, there will be a few improvements and bug fixes.
Please look at the below information for details.

- Patch Period: 12/14 (Wed), 18:00 PST

- 2016 Christmas Event
* Special Event to celebrate Christmas!
Check our event announcement for details.

- Improvements / Modification
* [(Mana) Magician:Masked Field +1], and [Magician:Masked Field] can now be obtained within the game.
* Personal Shops which you have visited within the last 24 hours will be displayed in a different color.
* Duelists can now enter the Master Class Duel tab even its gameplay is not available.
- Rewards and the Ranks of duelists can be seen within the tab.
- Master Class Duels cannot be played on the days outside of the pre-planned schedule.
* [Design Your Card] function on our homepage will be improved.
- You can now use the ‘Modern’ card skins.
- You can now change the size of the image and the texts.
* ‘Gift Stocking’ cards will be added to the 3rd round of FOD Pre-release Boosters.
- FOD 3rd round cards will be on sale until 12/21 (Wed), 19:00.
- After this date, FOD Pre-release Boosters, which will include the 1st, 2nd, 3rd round of FOD cards will be available for purchase.

- Bug Fix
* Fixed a bug in which the special ability of [Archangel:Nikeroa] did not activate when [Betrayal] was casted upon it.
* Fixed a bug in which the special ability of [Archangel:Nikeroa] was in effect even after Nikeroa’s death.

Thank you.
Mabinogi Duel Team


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