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[Limited] Discussion: max total card rarity of 9 stars
Hi there!
So after the nightmare of the previous limited arena (mine has been a really terrible run) now we have something surely more permissive: you cannot use a deck with a total card rarity of 10 or higher!
If I'm not wrong just count the number of "stars" in your deck and if it is 9 or below you're fine.
This is the first climbing deck I've though about (an early draft):

As you can see:
  • 1*: Hunt, Drag to Hell
  • 2*: Trap in the Castle, Capture
  • 3*: Witch: Xena
With a total of stars equal to -> 2*1 + 2*2 + 1*3 = 9
Seems like a good start. I don't have zombie +1, so that limits my choices a bit... I wonder how could I fit an appraiser into a deck (maybe drop the xena? What would be a low rarity finisher then? Maybe Drass?)

Also, considering the low rarity, is capture really necessary? I was thinking cocoon for climbing (it also frees up another star).

Oh, and keep in mind nexon can't translate for shit. So it may be worth it to try a 10* deck and see if it registers (it says 10 or higher, but might as well be "higher than 10")
Maybe, because of the bunch of low rarity creatures in this format, Card Appraiser could be a better choice than Xena. Besides if you don't have a Zombie +1 you can put a Skeleton Knight in its place if you swap Capture for a Cocoon of Evolution. Just a first idea Smile

If the format will be different than stated I'll change the OP accordingly ^^
Nice deck, looks balanced I would try to fit appraiser in since there will be so many 1 & 0 start cards for appraiser to banish. you could swap drag for death sentence and hunt for nature surprise, then you would be able to add appraiser. Here is my deck Deck 5ff5fa8 its similar to yours.
Appraiser surely should kick some behinds in that format, good idea!

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