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Devcat did the unbelievable and revamped the whole game by dropping most of the tedious arenas and adding a weekly/monthly ladder system.
But pls check the update notes yourself:
Intro from devs,
Patch Notes, Rewards update,
New Summer Event

[Official] Event Notice 2016/12/28: SE Neriva, Mino, Jane, new hero skins...
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Greetings Duelists!
This is Mabinogi Duel Team.

A new year has come, and it has been a wild year for Mabinogi Duel.
To let our duelists know that we care, we have prepared not 1, not 2, not 3, but 8 events!

Happy New Year everyone!

① [Happy New Year] Booster Inside the Booster Sales Event!
② [Happy New Year] Event Arena
③ [Happy New Year] Mutant Festival Event
④ [Happy New Year] Normal Achievement Challenges Event
⑤ [Happy New Year] Daily Achievement Challenges Event
⑥ [Happy New Year] Special Edition Card Booster Purchase –
        Achievement Challenge Event

⑦ [Happy New Year] You’ve Got Mail! Event
⑧ [Happy New Year] 1+1 Gem Bundles Event

Whew… that was a long list!

We hope you enjoy our events,
And prepare yourselves for another year with Mabinogi Duel!

Thank you.

Event 1.
[Happy New Year]
Booster Inside the Booster Sales Event!

- Contents
Purchase 8 kinds boosters including the Happy New Year booster and get the chance to acquire Special Edition and EXT season cards.
- Booster Details
[Image: 15698311_1747430588912374_52134244776864...e=58D5EF54]
* Special Edition cards are obtained by chance and have their release dates displayed in the upper left corner.
* Abilities of Special Edition cards are equivalent to their original counterparts.
* Special Edition Mutants are also included in the Happy New Year A/B Boosters.
* During the event period [12/28 (Wed), 19:00 ~ 1/11 (Wed), 19:00], Single Gold Booster will not be displayed in the Shop.

Event 2.
[Happy New Year] Event Arena

During the event period, Happy New Year Event Arena will take the place of the usual PVP Arena.
* Roulettes of the Winners and the Losers of the duels will be different.
* 25 Stamina will be needed to play in this Arena.

* 1st Round: 12/29 (Thu), 19:00 ~ 12/31 (Sat), 19:00
* 2nd Round: 1/1 (Sun), 19:00 ~ 1/3 (Tue), 19:00
* 3rd Round: 1/3 (Tue), 19:05 ~ 1/5 (Thu), 19:00
* 4th Round: 1/5 (Thu), 19:05 ~ 1/7 (Sun), 19:00
* 5th Round: 1/8 (Sun), 19:00 ~ 1/10 (Tue), 19:00

* PVP Arena
* Rules are equivalent to that of the PVP Arena.

[Image: 15726209_1747070245615075_87148538982419...e=58D74842]
Event 3.
[Happy New Year] Mutant Festival Event

Period: 12/28 (Wed), 19:00 ~ 1/11 (Wed), 19:00.
* 10 times the chance of below mutant cards appearing in Super Boosters.
* 3 times the chance of P cards & other mutant cards appearing in Super Boosters.
[Image: 15747364_1747071255614974_59816320470030...e=58E2E1A7]
Event 4.
[Happy New Year]
Normal Achievement Challenge Event

- Period: After the patch on 12/28 (Wed) ~ 1/12 (Thu), 06:59
- Contents and Rewards
[Image: 15672806_1747071572281609_55722753260313...e=58DBF6FB]

[Image: 15774925_1747071715614928_56340733214455...e=58DA82D6]Elysis Special Edition Hero Skin

[Image: 15726783_1747071885614911_89899297831864...e=58EE49BE]Old Man Special Edition Hero Skin

- Note
* Special Edition Hero Skins can be acquired even if you don’t own the corresponding hero.
* All achievements, except the colored achievements, can be completed once.
* Only the progress of the possessed Achievement Challenge will be counted.
Ex) If you purchase 10 additional Boosters after having purchased 9 Happy New Year Boosters, you will only be able to clear [Purchase Happy New Year B Booster 10 Times] and receive 3 new ‘orange’(above) Achievement Challenges.

Event 5.
[Happy New Year]
Daily Achievement Challenge Event

- Period: 12/28 (Wed) ~ 1/11 (Wed), 06:59
- Contents and Rewards
[Image: 15697191_1747072208948212_62470380263921...e=58E46824]* Daily events will start at 07:00 and will last 24 hours.
Event 6.
[Happy New Year]
Special Edition Card Booster Purchase – Achievement Challenge Event

- Period: 12/30 (Fri) ~ 1/13 (Tue), 19:00
- Contents and Rewards
[Image: 15727012_1747072485614851_90506883659268...e=5923D29B]* Each Achievement Challenge can be completed once each day.
Event 7.
[Happy New Year] You’ve Got Mail! Event

- Recipients and Period
* Registered Duelists (Duelists registered before 12/27 (Tue), 19:00)
 - Log in during 12/29 (Thu), 01:00 ~ 1/1 (Sun), 06:59
 - Rewards:
   Gift Box Card x1
   Unlock Ticket / Prerelease Booster x3
* New Duelists (Duelists who register between 12/27 (Tue), 19:00 ~ 1/1 (Mon), 06:59)
 - Log in during 12/29 (Thu), 01:00 ~ 1/2 (Mon), 06:59
 - Rewards:
   20% Discount Ticket / Any Booster x3
   Unlock Ticket / Prerelease Booster x3

Event 8.
[Happy New Year] 1+1 Gem Bundles Event

Period: 12/30 (Fri) ~ 1/3 (Tue), 06:59
Double the Gems with the purchase of Gem Bundles!
[Image: 15726686_1747073102281456_73930451260397...e=58D91AEC]* Double bonus will only apply once for each item.
We really do sincerely hope that...
You have a WONDERFUL New Year!!

Thank you.
Mabinogi Duel Team

No drop rate of any booster can be estimated after the 02/09/2017 patch
Am I the only one or does the alternate art for Neriva just look ridiculous? Its like they want to top the ugly alternate art of Drass^^

Looking for rare/SE/AA/collab cards? -> my sales thread

If you want to support my work, send me some gems and/or leave some feedback Smile

Well i find drass ok, but this batch is really too artistic.
Veteran Arena
7round/13 decks
2 plt (4/8 feb 2017) 6 gold 4 silver 1 bronze

8 feb 2017

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