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Bugfix 2016/12/29: *All* PVE arenas reset
Quote:[Image: 1f389.png]?Maintenance is now over![Image: 1f389.png]?
And with the patch comes a new modification to an in-game content.
[Image: 1f4cc.png]?Modification / Improvement
o Winner’s Glory & Loser’s Shame Achievement Challenge tickets will now last for a longer period. (7 -> 14 days)
Tickets already owned will not be modified.
[Image: 1f4cc.png]?Compensation for the error on 12/29 (Thu)
o Recipients: All duelists who registered before 12/29 (Thu), 22:00.
o Period: After maintenance on 12/29 (Thu) ~ 1/2 (Mon), 06:59.
o Rewards: 15 Gems, Winner’s Glory Ticket x4, Loser’s Shame Ticket x2.
Thank you.
Mabinogi Duel Team.
We proceeded with a patch a while earlier due to an in-game error.
Currently we have found a few more errors and decided to hold a maintenance to fix the corresponding issues.
[Image: 1f527.png]?[Image: 1f527.png]?[Image: 1f527.png]?[Image: 1f527.png]?
Maintenance Period: 12/29(Thu), 22:00 ~ 23:00 (1 hour) PST
Maintenance Contents: Data reset on Veteran and Rookie Arenas
[Image: 1f527.png]?[Image: 1f527.png]?[Image: 1f527.png]?[Image: 1f527.png]?
We will make sure to compensate all duelists who have experienced any inconvenience.
We sincerely apologize for this abrupt error and maintenance notification.
We will always strive to make a better gaming environment for our duelists.
Thank you.

15 gems are a joke...they should at the very least compensate for any rank tier we already got (Gold or Platinum) before the reset...
I not sure what type of compensation they gave in the past, but it's disappointed compensation.
Veteran Arena
7round/13 decks
2 plt (4/8 feb 2017) 6 gold 4 silver 1 bronze

8 feb 2017
(12-30-2016, 08:22 AM)sicut Wrote: 15 gems are a joke...they should at the very least compensate for any rank tier we already got (Gold or Platinum) before the reset...

 A big joke...I lost 80 gems for the gold in veteran... Angry Sad
Seriously only 15 gem??? I losed +-80 gems +boosters, etc....

How is possible that? Angry Angry
They said the 15 gems are for maintenance or something, not for the arena reset.
UPDATE: Compensations for the Arenas on 12/29

Greetings Duelists
This is Mabinogi Duel Team.

On 12/29 (Thu), we held a maintenance to fix the error in the Arenas.
The issue at hand was fixed, but the Arena records had to be reset in the process.

To compensate the duelists who have participated in these Arenas, we decided to show our gratitude by giving out additional Arena Rewards.
Please see the below information for details.

[Compensation Rewards for the Arena Reset]
- Contents: Special attendance rewards will be given to those who have participated in the Draft/Rookie/Veteran Arenas on 12/29 (Thu).
 * Original attendance rewards will also be present. In other words, the compensations are additional rewards.
 * Taking into account both the original/special rewards, a maximum of 4 attendance rewards can be received.

- Period: 1/4 (Wed), 19:00 ~ 1/19 (Wed), 18:59.
* If you start the special attendance during this period, you can continue with it even after the period ends.

- Special Attendance Applicable Per Arena

(See Compensations for the Arenas on 12/29 for reward details)

Thank you

Mabinogi Duel Team
Thx for that find, Hastorang...I missed that somehow.
Link to the new thread here

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