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Persona: Lynn
Persona: Lynn
[Image: mnvLynn.png?width=320&lang=en_US]

C: 3/4/5
D: 2/3/4
H: 5/7/9
A: 3/5/7
S: When summoned, deals damage equal to her attack to the enemy creature in front of her. Attacks the opponent in front once more at the end of every 2 turn(s).

The original skill description is not clear. She performs immediate extra attack when she is summoned.

translation error, immediate effect
Shes based from a character in Vindictus.
The card price sky rocket recently since some pros used her. from 200-300k to 700-800k now =,= . reasonable cost, higher sustain than Eagle. Like eagle, summon it when opponent ran out of low cost speel, either force them use revive or use a higher cost spell on her

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