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[Official] 'Patch' Note 2017/01/04: Event extension, rewards fixed
Noting really new...but read for yourself:

Quote:Greetings Duelists
This is Mabinogi Duel Team

We are here to announce the patch notes on 1/4.

Through the patch on Wednesday, we will be extending the Happy New Year Event for 1 week!
Please check the below information for details and Happy Dueling!

- Patch Period: 1/4 (Wed), 18:00 PST

- Event Ticket Usage Extension
* [Winner’s Glory], [Loser’s Shame] Tickets acquired after the patch on 1/5 (Wed) can now be used until 1/18 (Wed), 19:00.

- Happy New Year Event Extension and Roulette Reward Increase
* With the extension of the Happy New Year Event comes the increase in the Arena Roulette rewards during the event period.
* [Modified] Happy New Year Event!

- Bug Fix
* Fixed a bug in which the reward for completing the [Acquire 100 Winner’s Glory Tickets] was the original version, and not the special edition, of [Secret Laboratory].
- To duelists who have already completed the corresponding achievement challenge, we will be giving out a ticket for the [Secret Laboratory] special edition after the upcoming patch until 1/11 (Wed), 07:59.

Thank you.
Mabinogi Duel Team


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