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[Official] Announcement 2017/01/04: Arena reset compensation
Note: This is regarding to the reset from 2016/12/29

Quote:Greetings Duelists
This is Mabinogi Duel Team.

On 12/29 (Thu), we held a maintenance to fix the error in the Arenas.
The issue at hand was fixed, but the Arena records had to be reset in the process.

To compensate the duelists who have participated in these Arenas, we decided to show our gratitude by giving out additional Arena Rewards.
Please see the below information for details.

[Compensation Rewards for the Arena Reset]
- Contents: Special attendance rewards will be given to those who have participated in the Draft/Rookie/Veteran Arenas on 12/29 (Thu).
* Original attendance rewards will also be present. In other words, the compensations are additional rewards.
* Taking into account both the original/special rewards, a maximum of 4 attendance rewards can be received.

- Period: 1/4 (Wed), 19:00 ~ 1/19 (Wed), 18:59.
* If you start the special attendance during this period, you can continue with it even after the period ends.

- Special Attendance Applicable Per Arena
[Image: 15871811_1751159278539505_81613372284934...e=58E0E043]

[Image: 15822939_1751159315206168_74916006635868...e=58DE53A5]

[Image: 15895728_1751159421872824_59082170028674...e=58E03794]

[Image: 15895132_1751159488539484_19273733597400...e=58DCEAEC]
Thank you
Mabinogi Duel Team

Well, nice move from devcat...

Good idea to make the compensation dependable on the actual play matches (special reward A to C).
But whats that 1st to 9th day thing?
I think it's a sort of daily login reward
Are rewards given automatically or do you have to send an email to start receiving them?


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