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The Book of Destruction
The Blue / Gold / Green / White / Black  Book of Destruction
[Image: blueBookOfDoomsday.png?width=320&lang=en_US] [Image: goldenBookOfDoomsday.png?width=320&lang=en_US] [Image: greenBookOfDoomsday.png?width=320&lang=en_US] [Image: whiteBookOfDoomsday.png?width=320&lang=en_US] [Image: blackBookOfDoomsday.png?width=320&lang=en_US] 

20161229 Released

for blue and gold
C: 9/10/11 

S: Summons a random Doom Machine with 2/3/4 Attack, 8 HP on the middle slot of your battlefield.

for green, white and black
C: 8/9/10
S: Summons a random Doom Machine with 2/3/4 Attack, 6 HP on the middle slot of your battlefield.

The cost is similar to an actual doom machine but the stats of the summoned doom machine is much worse, and that's not its main problem. The actual problem is, you may summon a non-resurrectable doom machine if you don't have the correct resources. So, bad, bad, bad =3
books of troll
So, was the #1 deck in Arena (Double Black Book) a BS deck?
Yes, Yllora.

It was changed shortly before the arena closed to hide the real deck and avoid it to be copied.

In general when you see a deck name "Book of Destruction" it is a gimmick deck which the player wants to hide.

E.g. deck named "White Book of Destruction" --> Light Wolf King Boro+1 deck.
No drop rate of any booster can be estimated after the 02/09/2017 patch
Ah, thank you very much.

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