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Devcat did the unbelievable and revamped the whole game by dropping most of the tedious arenas and adding a weekly/monthly ladder system.
But pls check the update notes yourself:
Intro from devs,
Patch Notes, Rewards update,
New Summer Event

[Limited] Discussion: No spells with a resource cost < 4 (Round 26)
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Ok, now we basically got another iteration of that extremely fun and invigorating round 22 (no spells) limit arena.../sarcasm

So the problem is kinda the same with the exception, that we can at least reset the board at level 2 if we made it that far. And that should be - again - the main problem.

Ive been brewing up 3 decks with a very specific plan to survive lvl 1 for each. Be aware that I only thought about the core problem of surviving. The other cards are mostly just complimentary and can be swapped for more aggressive cards for the AI.
When playing, swapping in some Capture effects and/or board clears might be advised.

Dark/Mana/Nature Seekers
  • swap Nature Goblin Bomb Squad with Nature Goblin Bomb Squad +1 for playing
  • double Dark start: discard Fire Wall t1, play Chesha t2, play Shark t3 -> hope for the best that the AI cant kill you with the one excess fatty
  • double Mana start: discard Hellhound t1, play Jyo t2, play Appraiser t3 -> same problem as above since u are one fatty behind again
  • double Nature start: choose any of the routes above and play Nature Squad +1 on t2 to get rid of mostly anyhting except Scathach or anyhting really big
  • the other Nature stuff is to have some other stuff to play at level 1
The mid and end game plan is the Seeker lock obviously. Fire Wall is just a random choice to mask the Seeker plan.

Dark/Light/Mana Something
  • double Mana start: see above
  • double Dark start: discard Mirie, play Chesha t2, play Shark OR Light Appraiser t3
  • double Light start: perfect, either go for a Seigi on t2 by discarding the Holy Spear (risky if u need it level 2) or start to save up right away for the Spear on t3
  • Neriva is there so save the deck from the few board clear and Capture spells
Dark/Light/Nature Xena Rookie
  • double Dark start: discard something, play Chesha t2, play Light Appraiser t3
  • double Light start: see above
  • double Nature start: go for the Nature Bomb Squad +1 on t2 and prepare Chesha (discard Hellhound) + Card Appraiser for the next turns

The problem with all those approaches is, that they cant handly a t1 Inferia (dont discard then! use the Squad), are reliant on those combos and have a problem since u are already one creature behind -> lots of face tanking or even losing one of the combo creatures, if the AI puts something infront of them.

Lusalka is my plan B for swapping with the Mana based decks btw.

Any better ideas?

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Btw, Im currently reregistering the decks randomly.
So far they didnt get more than 2 AI wins each before going 2-3.
Since I dont see the need for much swapping (the spells cant be played anyway), this should be doable until very late today imho.

Linker shold be kind of mandatory with all the face tanking as well. Is there anything cheaper than him or Josh that kills something when it comes into play?

Edit: Just lost to a two color Chiefs deck...Chesha and Xena missed Dust (on board since turn 1) up until mid level 2...

Looking for rare/SE/AA/collab cards? -> my sales thread

If you want to support my work, send me some gems and/or leave some feedback Smile

Ok, since there is so overwhelmingly much feedback Tongue , here some other ideas:

Lusalka shenanigans without Lusalka (no, I dont trust u, stupid AI...)
  • remember to swap in Lusalka for Turk before playing!!!
  • other than that its a pretty straightforward deck with the added bonus of Seekers
  • 2 AI wins so far...

In your face or: All your creatures are dead!
  • this is basically my answer to those lvl 0 Chief decks: Firora and Bomb Squad take care of them
  • but beating a lvl 10 deck is whole different story...
  • 3 AI wins so far btw...

Looking for rare/SE/AA/collab cards? -> my sales thread

If you want to support my work, send me some gems and/or leave some feedback Smile

This format is, as expected, pretty hard.

I registered 2 nearly identical decks:

http://devcat.nexon.com/duel/us/deck?5ff94f6 --> 2 AI wins

http://devcat.nexon.com/duel/us/deck?5ff94f7 --> 3 AI wins

I have performed the first 10 streak with both deck. I still have to play the last 5 daily matches.

Strategy: discard Levia or Zeina (or another Dark creature you won't need at level 1 and 2, so definitely not Card Appraiser or Xena) turn 1 to summon Jyorzera Turn 2 if you get 2 Mana and 1 Dark at the beginning. If you get 2 Dark and 1 Mana simply charge.

After that summon White Shark (preferably on the left of Jyorzera so that the AI will try to kill first the shark).

Go ahead with this combo until possible. Do not overcommit and keep on the board always 2 creatures at maximum if possible, altough you may be required to summon also Card Appraiser to remove ghosts with high attack and HP.

Summon Xena only after that Zeina has been removed.

Use Ice Spear to take regain control of the board when needed (e.g. it kills Goblin Bomb Squad at all levels).

Use Capture on Alraune or Turk or to remove an opponent creature before inflicting the final blow.

The problem with this deck is that you can't counter a lvl 10 creatures heavy ghost, unless you are really lucky.

I nearly lost 3 matches, when I was saved by Turk, Chescha and Xena RNG.

My suggestion for this limited arena is to not search to obtain many AI wins.

You do NOT want to meet lvl 10 decks or you may not even be able to reach platinum.

Leave Top10 where it is. You simply have to survive.

I met only 3 lvl 10 decks and it was atrocious. Lvl 5 decks can already be really dangerous!
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Hmm, dunno, I still dont believe 2 color decks can beat lvl 10 decks consistently without cheap removal. So I pressed on tinkering and reregistering.
That resulted in a really strong and a pretty weak deck...the descendants of those 2:
(01-14-2017, 01:50 PM)sicut Wrote: Dark/Mana/Nature Seekers
Dark/Light/Mana Something

What those 2 above decks were lacking was descent removal to reset bad situations.
So lets start with the good:

Dark/Mana/Nature Seekers MK II (7 AI wins so far)
  • this deck played out extemely balanced
  • I would have never thaught, that Ambush Vine could be that good in PvE, but I basically played it t1 in every match except against 2 or mono color decks (they will drop something too nasty no matter what t1)
  • This little dude ensured that the pain from the face tanking was never lethal and lvl 2 in reach relatively easy
  • Just make sure to get it out of the grave after lvl 2 to save up for Everis or Capture
  • the squad was awesome against Chiefs and Jyo
  • the removal was very much needed - especially against mono and 2 color decks (a mono dark White Nao (Dark) deck was the most frightening so far, draining every single removal spell...)
Dark/Light/Mana Something
  • this deck has no answer for an early Chief, Jyo or Chesha except for face tanking and discarding for Holy Spear...I realized that too late...no reregging without sacrificing the already invested time (and 3 AI wins)
  • I added the Lusalka and just went with it...it was sometimes close, but the mass removal worked
  • but I cant really recommend this deck...

MvP in both decks was the Appraiser, which contniuosly gained resources while eating weenies, deads, vines or cats

Looking for rare/SE/AA/collab cards? -> my sales thread

If you want to support my work, send me some gems and/or leave some feedback Smile

A two color deck allows you to gain board control already at level 1.
It can work if some creatures continuously generate resources (Card Appraiser and Everis).

With the deck I registered Jyorzera pretty much does all the work.

The main problems is Ifrit: Firora, but once Jyorzera is dead you should have enough Dark to summon Chescha or (depending on Card Appraiser being already summoned and generating dark or not) Xena.

With Xena on the field you than have to summon Everis to generate Mana.

The early lock is Jyorzera-White Shark, the second lock is Chesha-Card Appraiser, the final lock is Xena-Everis.

Granted, with such a deck you can't consistently beat the tipical rookie lvl 10 ghost, but so far in a way or in another I lost only one match in 40 that I played.

Furthermore, if you want to play it safe it is really slow. I have ended many matches with 20 Mana and Dark and Jyorzera, White Shark and Card Appraiser on the field since lvl 1.

But if you are lucky, Jyorzera can also counter a Turn 1 Mirror Ghost+1.

I agree that your Seekers deck is more bullet proof, by the way.

You have 8 AI wins now with that deck... If you don't match very nasty ghosts you could probably end up being the champion. Good luck!
No drop rate of any booster can be estimated after the 02/09/2017 patch
Hey, great, thx for the additional info. Maybe Ill transform the second deck into a two color deck now!

Im actually also really concerned about normal rookie decks in this format. But for some reason nobody is playing them (@lvl 10). Some Tris +1 and Mirror Ghost +1 action would probably also mean certain doom Undecided

The more I think about the less I wanna wait to play later...

But Ill try my best ofc ;-)

Btw, at least we know now, that we werent that wrong about Nature Everis...at least not in limited that is for now Smile

Looking for rare/SE/AA/collab cards? -> my sales thread

If you want to support my work, send me some gems and/or leave some feedback Smile


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