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User group changes
Ok, i did some clean up with the user groups:

Registered users:
  • removed the possibility to delete own threads and posts
  • reason: especially the trading forum is full of deleted threads; some page long discussions were deleted just because the thread starter felt like it
Community Reps:
  • deleted
  • removed some users from there that even had 0 posts...its only reserved for users that really did much for the community here and/or were very active
Site something (already forgot the old name lol):
  • renamed back to Super Moderators, since thats actually what the group does - there are zero admin rights connected to that group
  • reinstated @Blanks as a Super Moderator like he was before - welcome back!
Moderators: me:
  • removed my mod status for every single board (@Haides did that Tongue)
Congratulations to the new mods!

Just a question: what are the requisite to be part of the Legends group?

I don't think I've seen anyone here actively posting being part of that "elite".
The number (1/n) after what a booster contains is the presumed drop rate of that specific card
OMG I got promoted yay!

Thank you sicut!

i will take some time researching what my sub group really need , maybe a couple Price check /trouble shooting thread is helpful in the early stage.

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