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Interview with a Vice Champion(ette)
After the last tournament, we could ask  @♘Yllora some brief questions during a short break from her continous practicing.

MDF: Did u get anything out of it?
@♘Yllora : I've gotten this useful experience, but nothing tangible

MDF: How does it feel to only have lost against the future champion?
@♘Yllora:He [@rematin] played better than I, so it feels like the right outcome

MDF: What do u feel?
@♘Yllora: hungry, want a ham sandwich

MDF:Any words for your fans?
@♘Yllora: Words for fans, eat, sleep, and go at your own pace.

MDF:So maybe any further tips for our readers to improve and some time become like you titans except for eating and pooping?
@♘Yllora: HAHAHAGA Practice.

MDF:Will you carry on fighting for the crown?
@♘Yllora: Absolutely I will continue to duel.

MDF:What advise do u have for all arena fighters out there?
@♘Yllora: For Anena duelists I'd suggest visiting www.mabinogiduelforum.com

MDF:Whats your secret?
@♘Yllora: My secret to losing? [she grins into the camera)]

MDF:Any closing words?
@♘Yllora: Yw MDF, ty!

MDF:Thank you, @♘Yllora, for this great interview!

*camera fades into the sunset*
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this is the quality content I come for.
(Yesterday, 07:21 PM)sicut Wrote: MDF: What do u feel?
@♘Yllora: hungry, want a ham sandwich
I can see the true meaning of that phrase "if you really know what you want, then the way to get it will become less difficult in the end," you meant that, @♘Yllora? that's a very good advice, thanks for that! Big Grin
[Image: lOMsKEz.png]
Lol you guys ☺️☺️ Yes, I have a dream!! It may be of lunch but it is still my dream. Wink
~Avatar by @DyingKestrel~

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