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[PvE] AI Arena Decks
I made my own version but it's sorely lacking compared to yours. running two magic missile three arrow of revenge stone golem and random cheap cards. if it even gets a win I'll be amazed
[Image: V1ghjz4.png]

Platinum off of 11 wins!

The actual total including AI wins was around 74.
I made a second deck, but due to lack of Skeleton Knights I went with light as the third faction... I don't think it'll do nearly as well as my first deck, but maybe well enough to get Silver?

It plays well enough in my hands, but I doubt the AI is smart enough to drop the correct nature creature or set up trap in the castle and throw bombs behind it. Light also kinda lacks those cards that will always trade evenly...
Somehow, the above deck is better than my first. By about 20% more points, consistently. I suppose Trap in the Castle combos well with Elf Knight and Throw Bomb...

Trying out a revision of my Nature-Gold-Dark deck: http://devcat.nexon.com/duel/deck/3a8f2
Nice !
You reach platinum with your second deck ? by playing how many game by yourself?

I'll try this deck in the next rookie arena

Not sure to do well...
My second deck reached Platinum once with about 15 games played. Performance seems to vary quite a bit though. I really like Castle in the Trap decks though, they're a bit safer to play.

The Hellhound deck (usually with Tris instead of Alarune) seems to be catching on in the Rookie Arena meta. I know at least four people are running variants of it now.

Currently I'm trying out this deck in Veteran Arena:
A bit more risky in the hands of the AI (I think), but it feels like it helps to have a deck that plays smoother in Veteran, since you need to build up a good streak.
My rookie deck will reached platinum with about 20 games played. The option Tris instead of Alarune was in my mind but i prefere the troop generator capacity of Alarune.

For Veteran, i have a different tactic than "AI prooth", i prefer a deck that secure platinum after day 2 thanks to a good streak. So i can focus on something else on day 3.
I play a Thyron locke deck that do exactly that. Platinum secure on day 2 and also very effective against the very popular (but a bite boring) Magic Box deck
The deck : http://devcat.nexon.com/duel/deck/43b09 (but i need to replace the Archer, he's useless.)

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