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Devcat did the unbelievable and revamped the whole game by dropping most of the tedious arenas and adding a weekly/monthly ladder system.
But pls check the update notes yourself:
Intro from devs,
Patch Notes, Rewards update,
New Summer Event

mutant mission rotation daily draft

Daily / Draft Mission - Daily Mutant and Plus Boosters
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Ya, its seems that the arena reset also reset the rotation. That only happened when new sets were introduced so far iirc.
At least its safe to say that the Elephant should be worth next to nothing anymore.

The addidion of Magician: Masked Field +1 is interesting indeed.

@drop rates: Ya, we should drop them (pun very much intended^^), I guess. It will probable be wrong for every next cycle.

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It seems that the arena reset really caused a mess.

The daily mutant were wrong...

Light Group Threat was swapped by Nature Beastkin: Obi.
Light Elephant was substituted by Mana Witch: Xenon Yorda+1.

No idea on the others daily mutant. I'll check afterwards what took the place of Dark Aelria's Feather.

EDIT: the third daily mutant is now Mana Dark Magic Sword
No drop rate of any booster can be estimated after the 02/09/2017 patch
I have no idea about this. As i remember, thedaily #3 is still Dark Magic Sword (mana) at 8 hours ago.

WNBP: Witch: Chesha --> less than 1/7

Daily#1: Witch: Jen (Mana)
Daily#2: ???

Daily#3: ???
Daily#4: Drag to Hell (Light)

Draft#1: Mage: 39-years-old +1
Draft#2: ???

Draft#3: ???
Draft#4: Arrow of Revenge (Mana)

Daily#2: Witch: Stephanie+1 (Mana)
Daily#3: Water Ghost (D ark)

Draft#2: Fire Wall (Dark)
Draft#3: Angel: Orperia-1 (Dark)
No drop rate of any booster can be estimated after the 02/09/2017 patch

WNBP: Mana-absorbing Golem --> 1/8

Daily#1: Leopard+1 (Nature)
Daily#2: Hikaru's Shuriken (Gold)

Daily#3: Dark Elf+1 (Mana)
Daily#4: Illusion of Witch+1 (Dark)

Draft#1: Meteor Drop-1 (Gold)
Draft#2: Technician: Dr. Peak+1 (Light)

Draft#3: Wolf King Boro-1 (Light) 
Draft#4: Holy Missile (Mana)

Sorry, but yesterday I didn"t play any mission and didn't check the daily and draft mutants.
But if I'm not wrong there were two very good draft mutants (Citizen+1 and Dark Notira's Needle).
No idea on what were the remaining two draft mutants (nor do I remember any daily mutant).
No drop rate of any booster can be estimated after the 02/09/2017 patch

WNBP: Witch: Banoba --> less than 1/11; don't even bother trying to draw her

Daily#1: Herbivore Hunt-1
Daily#2: Merchant: Gold Spoon+1

Daily#3: Dancer+1
Daily#4: Eagle Leader (Light)

Draft#1: Phantom of the Dragon+1 (Dark)
Draft#2: Angel: Nevia-1

Draft#3: Death Cloud+1 (Mana)
Draft#4: Mirror Ghost+1 (Gold)
No drop rate of any booster can be estimated after the 02/09/2017 patch

WNBP:Vanished Thief's Book --> less than 1/4
Daily#1: Horned Wild Board (Gold)
Daily#2: Wanderer Knight +1

Daily#3: Penguin (nature)
Daily#4: War Capatult +1

Draft#1: Black Cat (mana +1)
Draft#2: Atonement (Dark)

Draft#3: Mandragora (Gold)
Draft#4: War Banner (G+1)

WNBP: Paralyzer:Elurin --> less than 1/7
Daily#1: Professor (Mana)
Daily#2:Habu Snake (Gold)

Daily#3: Fireball (Dark)
Daily#4: ???

Draft#1: Will-o-Wisp (nature)
Draft#2: Thunder (Gold)

Draft#3: Demon: Chaffrak (Gold+1)
Draft#4: ???

Daily#4: Judge of the Fallen (Dark)

Draft#4: Magic Sensing Bomb+1 (Mana)
No drop rate of any booster can be estimated after the 02/09/2017 patch

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