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Pvp arena decks
Hi all. 

First of all thank you so much for all of you helping this community to raise. I am really enjoying this game. 

I started à week ago and discover pvp arena which is as far i am concerned the best part of this game. Actualy  i have 3 decks. I succeded Last arena with the First one to get platinium rank. But right now for this one i have a lot of difficulties with both of them and i am stuck in gold rank :/

So if you have any advice !! Dont hesitate !
Deck 1 : http://devcat.nexon.com/duel/us/deck?5f66e20
Deck 2: http://devcat.nexon.com/duel/us/deck?5f6922b
Deck 3: http://devcat.nexon.com/duel/us/deck?5f6ac12
the reason they give us 3 slots is so you can make 3 different types of decks - all yours are tempo decks!

when you get into a match you can see the strongest card of the opponents decks, so you can prepare accordingly.

for me, i run

jurh deck (farm mode against inexperienced players)
tempo deck (against top rankers, best chance to win)
control deck (against mid rankers, handles most surprises)

i know this doesnt answer your question exactly however, if you have found a good tempo deck - try branch out to the other styles.
Thanks for your Quick answer. 
The problem is i dont Know yett the game enough to build a deck with another playstyle. I Know tcg so i Know What you mean with control deck but its pretty hard for me actualy to figure What it is on this game. And hmm à juhr deck ? What is it ?
example jurh


example control


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