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Devcat did the unbelievable and revamped the whole game by dropping most of the tedious arenas and adding a weekly/monthly ladder system.
But pls check the update notes yourself:
Intro from devs,
Patch Notes, Rewards update,
New Summer Event

Top 20 G1 Mutants
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[edit by sicut @ 2016/9/1: Since there have been a lot of new sets since the following list was compiled and I wanted to keep it stickied, I posted a chart update in post 20 here. So enjoy the history lesson/trip down memory lane and join the discussion from other/more current point of views.]

This is obviously just my opinion, but I think I have a pretty decent handle on this game. For what it counts, I place in the top ten in the PvP arena on a regular basis, and I regularly check the top decks on both our server and the korean server. Well with that out of the way, here we go! The top 20 G1 mutants you could ever hope to get your hands on!

(Note, this list is always subject to change as the meta evolves. I'm also partial to your feedback, so if you can make a good case, I'll adjust the ranking).

For now I'll only be giving explanations for the top 10. If I get enough requests to talk about 11-20, I'll be happy to do so for them as well.

20. Mana Skeleton +1
19. Elf +1
18. Light Elf +1
17. Gold Wild Boar
16. Thunder -1
15. Gold Demon Lord of Farkka +1
14. Light Elf Hero Tris
13. Gold Thunder -1
12. Fireball -1 
11. Wolf Perry +1

10. Mana Arrow of Revenge - Since dark Arrow of Revenge is practically a staple in every dark competitive deck, this mana mutant opens up a lot of options. Many people simply double up and build heavy direct damage decks, which regularly place in the korean top 50 to this day. Others simply add a Mana Arrow to their tempo decks to add that finishing touch to stubborn opponents who won't go down. Either way, this card is one of the best closers in the game, let alone the G1 set.

9. Dark Fireball -1 - The most efficient G1 board clear in the game. Fireball has some very unusual scaling, in that it retains practically the exact same power level at all stages of the game. At every level it deals 15 damage to targets on the side and in front, and only loses/gains 2 extra damage to the primary target per level. The reason I rank this one above mana Fireball is because mana already has a lot of strong removal, and using your dark resources to cast this spell leaves you with plenty of mana left to trigger your counters.

8. Mana Vampire +1 - While this guy still falls to Hunt at level 1, later on in the game he becomes incredibly durable. Add to the fact that he can no longer get one shotted by Holy Missile, and this creature becomes a tempo deck builder's dream unit. There's virtually no downside to this guy, aside from the fact that you can't reasonably run counters with him. For that reason alone he's placed at number 8, as opposed to the top of our list.

7. Light Wolf Perry +1 - This guy is a game ender. Being able to give all your other creatures 4 health and 4 attack at level 2 is absolutely devastating, but the color is really what sets this apart from its nature alternative. Only receiving 1 damage from Holy Missile is nice, but even better is that you can use this in combination with Alraune +1, Elf Hero Tris or Wolf King Boro. Sure, you could use the light version of those latter two examples, but that's just another mutant chipping away at your health total.

6. Dark Alraune +1 - While her regular version falls to the likes of Surprise Attack and Hunt, Alraune +1 doesn't suffer that same fate. At 4 resource, she's the cheapest creature in G1 that requires more than one spell to take down (hard removal such as Drag to Death not withstanding). Equally as import, Alraune's ability scales well with every level, normally dropping 2/1 vines at level 2, and double the vines at level 3, Dark Alraune +1 enjoys those benefits earlier at every stage of the game.

5. Alraune +1 - Aside form the reasons above, and the fact that this Alraune doesn't take double damage from holy missile, this version allows a lot more deck building opportunities. You can save your dark resource for a Hell Hound, or you can stick with the other colors for some interesting combos, such as a double feather Gold Light Nature deck (which allows you to retain access to key removal spells, like Hunt and Cocoon of Evolution), or you could go with the always reliable control deck of Light Nature Mana. 

4. Dark Lady Sherr +1 - Lady Sherr is already a fantastic creature, but her +1 version is just a flat out upgrade (aside from starting with 1 less health of course, since she's a mutant). Regardless of what level she's played, Sherr only costs 1 resource, and being in the dark color allows for some interesting card combinations that the light Lady doesn't provide, namely, Hell Hound. You're probably already playing nature and mana (for Eagle and Counter Spell), so being able to add Hell Hound to the mix really secures your chances of having her transform level 1.

3. Lady Sherr +1 - For the reasons listed above, except that you probably can't run Hell Hound with her, yet she doesn't get one shotted by holy missile. This isn't as big a difference as it sounds though, because if you're playing Sherr the way she's meant to be played, then you already have a counter spell primed once you play her. This difference only factors in at level 2 and beyond, once your initial counter spell is burned. Not having the option to use dark Hell Hound is kind of a bummer, but that's not entirely necessarily anyways, and it's not even a problem if you have this bad boy below...

2. Mana Hell Hound - Hell Hound is already an incredibly powerful card, but the dark version is one shotted by holy missile at every level. Mana hell hound doesn't have this problem. Furthermore, mana usually only has strong answers to cards yet to be played (with counter spell, counter summon). Mana hell hound gives the color the ability to react to threats already on the field.

1. Dark Betrayal - probably the best spell that gold has to offer, this mutant is especially valuable because there's only about a dozen in existence (on the korean server only. Literally no one has this card yet on the global server). With good reason, to date, this card is only available randomly via the cat merchant. Betrayal already can swing any match in your favor, and that's when people can reasonably see it coming. No one expects a betrayal to come from the dark side, and having it in a second resource color allows you to realistically play two in the same deck (and the same turn).

As a new FTP player, I find this extremely helpful to manage the few gems I own. I will surely refer to this before I summon my next booster pack.


good thread, thanks a lot
This is very good! GJ
very helpful for orientation thanks alot lexar and also i pretty much agree on the ranking especially after reading through the reasonings and i wouldnt mind the 20-11 rankings be explained as well :S
Great job lexar! But what about goblin chieftain+1?
I suggest expanding the list to include all the mutants you think are worth getting when you have time. Considering that this is more a list to help the newer players, limiting it to only 20 doesn't make too much sense.
might be too time consuming for all mutants - dont we have the other thread for useful mutants?
Some mutants are useful for niche decks, but have low value for newer players. A tier list helps in identifying which mutants to watch out for if one is limited in the number of gems. The best thing for beginners would be to have an explanation for why each mutant is good. As you said, that is very time consuming. That's why we should discuss and offer our own rankings for the cards, consolidating the information in an 'official mabinogi duel forum mutant tier list'. Lexar created a very good starting point, and it should be expanded upon.
a consolidated list might be hard - this is lexar's ranking which is fine, but when we put together an overal list - how do we determine the tiers/rankings? it's bound to have conflicts.

in any case we can take this discussion off thread, since we are deviating from lexar's list =P

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