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Devcat did the unbelievable and revamped the whole game by dropping most of the tedious arenas and adding a weekly/monthly ladder system.
But pls check the update notes yourself:
Intro from devs,
Patch Notes, Rewards update,
New Summer Event

Top 20 G1 Mutants
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A point system where the top 10 or 20 gets bonuses while the lower ranks get diminishing values can work. I agree that we should discuss this in another thread specifically created for it, where everyone will have a chance to put forth their opinions. By extension, we should also make a general tier list for meta cards to help the newer players.
I guess it is safe to say that these cards are good as in by itself its a good card, players should take note that even if your card is not on the list or anything, its doesn't mean its bad, they may excel in certain deck as mutants are meant to be fit in certain decks only. DO NOT let the ranking make you feel certain cards are more valuable and, thus, waste a lot of good cards yourself to trade for one. After all, the value of the card depends on the user. Big Grin
Great topic, thanks for doing this!
Dark betrayal just feels like a myth at this point. I know nobody that has ever seen anybody use it on this server.
I've been lucky and gotten quite a few mutants. How would you rank all the other ones (I have none of those top 20 unfortunately)?
There are about 1-3 mutants per card, it would likely be very difficult to rank them all. I guess you could create categorize them as "garbage", "gimmicky", "usable" and then the good ones that could have an actual ranking. It would still take a while.

I didn't know there were so many mutants. Okay, on that top 20 list, I was a bit surprised not to see Mana Dark Elf+1. Is it cause her HP is too low?
Yes. She costs 3 resources and dies to 2 resources surprise attack and hunt. she also dies to bomb squad placed in front of her. On the upside though, if played first turn and opponent doesn't have answer, she will win the game.
Ok, as of today the OP chart isn't really up to date anymore. How could it be after it couldn't take into account all the new sets after it. Of course that's all my personal opinion, but the OP top 20 is generally regarded outdated by most. That's why I wanted to post an update and to fire up a further discussion maybe. My point of view is mostly PvE btw, since I'm not so keen for PvP and therefore nowhere an expert for that matter.

The main reason for being outdated  is, that their is currently no meta for some cards anymore, imho:
  • Dark Betrayal is still one of the most expensive cards in the game, but cant keep up reliably with other power decks.
  • Mana Hellhound has it even worse, since it doesn't even have a good deck to be played in. Coupled with Death Cloud (-1) you would need to play Dark Vampire +1 as well. That is one mutant more as the combination of Mana Death Cloud (-1), Hellhound and Mana Vampire +1. The nerf of Death Cloud didn't help here either.
  • Light Perry +1 is a weird one. Nobody I met knew where to play him. He was just rare it seems. Now, that he is available in shops again, he dropped fast in price, too.
  • Wild Boar was nerfed into unplayability.
  • Dark Lady Sherr +1: I have literally never seen her being played. She is just to vulnerable to Holy Missile AND Magic Missile, I guess.
  • Dark Fireball -1: Great card, but also lacking a good deck to be played in safe the Amanza deck from JayK for example. The price dropped to 400k and even lower pretty fast after the price limit raise of personal shops.
  • Thunder -1: Same like Dark Fireball -1 minus JayK's deck Big Grin It's as low as 200k atm.
  • Fireball -1: I have not seen that card being played, too.
  • (Light) Elf +1: They fell out of favor due to better options/ power creep today. Also the mutant slots are somewhat limited and since its cost is 2 now, wasting a 2 ressource removal on them isn't putting you back anymore in the ressource rase in PvP. The Exp cost for +1 cards is of course a factor, too at lvl 1 and to a lesser extend at lvl 2, too.
Currently I personally would rate it like that:

  1. Light Drag to Hell: Beautiful allrounder in any PvE format. Somewhat less important in PvP due to its focus on tempo plays, which Drag to Hell can't provide since it's a strictly reactive card.
  2. Light Elf: Well, it's the Light cousin of the best creature in the game, ressource wise. It's not that good in PvE, but is the gold standard in PvP.
  3. Alraune +1 and Dark Alraune +1: They survive the standard removal and can snowball into death extremely fast. I rank it higher than Light Tris +1 because they are easier - read: faster - to get on the board although I'm not really a fan of the card. Dark Alraune has that Holy Missile problem of course, although it won't die to it at the same level.
  4. Light Elf Hero Tris +1: Power tempo card and not without reason the former 3rd/4th expensive card in the game behind Dark Betrayal, Seeker: Neriva +1 and Light Command Hunting (before its nerf).
Here comes a huge gap thx to power creep, I guess.
Then there are in no particular order:
  • Mana Vampire +1 as an excellent reactive card. Resistant against Holy Missile and can get very big while nearly killing even the biggest threads - that are killable of course . And there we already have the two big problems: it is reactive in an environment that pushes for tempo and there are a lot more creatures, that simply don't die to damage anymore.
  • Mana Arrow of Revenge, especially coupled with its vanilla cousin or its -1 variant for cheaper costs and easier trigger conditions, is still great to finish off opponents with low enough health.
  • Lady Sherr +1 somewhat lost its meanig as a pressure card against control decks thanks to Flying Sword. But it's still good, especially in Demon:Fiyozeniyor decks of course and to a lesser extend combined with Seeker: Neriva. But I don't like her inclusion in Seeker decks a lot.
  • Dark Capture is more common nowadays thx to all the undying and/or huge creatures like Beastkin:Jurgen, Doom Machine:Core or Persona:Scathach. It's being played in PvE as well as in PvP.
  • Demon: Lord of Farkka +1 is still an essential for Veteran Arena lvl 15 ghost decks to kill even harder and faster.
  • Light Hunt makes the selection of single spot removal easier if playing Nature is not an option.
  • Mana Book of Knowledge is the mana alternative for the vanilla bood to speed up lvling up to lvl 2. It's even being used in tempo decks to hurry to lvl 2 and overwhelm the opponent with 2 big hitters shortly after. But of course it's mostly a staple in control and combo decks.
Then there are other good Mutants, that are pretty good, but niche like White Barbarian (not used anymore by most), Gold Citizen +1 to speed up Light Tris +1, Mana Petrify and Thunder -1 to help Veteran Arena Farkka decks and Nature Ambush for certain new Limited Arena formats. Nature Goblin Bomb Squad (+1) is also a solid pick for PVP as well for PvE. (Light) War Banner +1 is still essential for Pillion trap decks.

What's your take on this and what are your favorite G1 mutants?

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If you want to support my work, send me some gems and/or leave some feedback Smile


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